Thursday, January 20, 2011

What Coloradoans will lose if health care reform is repealed

Rep. Jared Polis (D-CO) summed it up nicely for his constituents in a recent release:
The Patients’ Rights Repeal Act would have significant consequences in Colorado’s second Congressional district by:

·         Allowing insurance companies to deny coverage to 127,000 to 335,000 individuals, including 9,000 to 41,000 children, with pre-existing conditions.  These individuals include those who are breast cancer survivors and prostate cancer survivors; those living with heart disease; and those with such conditions as asthma and high blood pressure.
·         Taking away the ability of 2,900 young adults to stay on their parents’ insurance plan until their 26th birthday. 
·         Taking away the 50% discount on brand-name Rx drugs from 7,500 seniors who hit the Medicare Part D ‘donut hole;’ and denying free preventive care services under Medicare to 65,000 seniors.
·         Eliminating health care tax credits available for up to 22,300 small businesses.

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