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Trump fans the flames of violence, yet calls himself the champion of law and order

     The preamble of the Constitution's states its purpose as "We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America"  

June 2-July 22, 2020 updates  
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This also serves as a running commentary as new developments occur.  It is also laced with many sources that influenced my comments..   Feel free to use this as a resource.  

July 22, 2020
Trump is now the provocateur in chief, creating violence so he can tell in followers he can cure violence. It provides great photo ops and stories on FOX as he tries to scare those wavering support of him that he is the law and order president to save them from the violence he has provoked.  Law and order .means to him he creates the disorder and violates the law to save people from the disorder he created. Hitler sent his brown shirts out to foment street demonstrations and burned down the Reichstag so he could claim he could bring order to Germany. The strategy worked.

The president defended the use of federal agents in Portland, Ore., where they have engaged in nightly clashes with racial justice protesters.

 From the Associated Press: Navy vet beaten: "They came out to fight"

July, 21, 2020
This is how the most influential publication in Europe, Der Spiegel, views Trump: He is a "firedevil" , a fire starter, lighting a match to America, fomenting violence, and discord, like the dictators he admires, Putin and China. Germany, worries about the future of American democracy. Germans, if anyone, know where going down that dictator path leads...they have been there done that nearly 90 years ago.

The protesters are not blameless, either. Some have fallen into the trap of being violent themselves, and killing their own message. I am supportive of the Black Lives Matter protests of police brutality. However, my support is serious so long as the MLK peaceful protest techniques are used. Those who turn it into violent confrontation do nothing but hurt their cause to stop police brutality toward minorities. This kind of action should be stopped by their leaders. All it does is provide an excuse for Trump to send in his "federal agents" to pour more gasoline on the fire and to stoke the passions of his core supporters.

Officials say videos released Monday show a group of demonstrators bringing projectiles and preparing to confront police during a protest at the statue of Ch...

June 2, 2020  America has a president who has fanned the violence of the flames over domestic tranquility. He has seized on the opportunity of the riots to proclaim himself as the champion of law and order, as he himself does not respect the law, and his form of order is the oppression of one racial group that only begets more violence and strife for years to come.  Is this what our democracy has come to?  Is this going to be our country torn apart for years to come in racial strife and race wars with cities occupied by the active military to suppress any opposition he views to be an insurrection?. This instability and turmoil is the future Donald Trump is offering us if he is re-elected.  The contrast with Joe Biden's vision could not be starker. He presented it in an address on June 2. Biden offers the antidote to Trump's poisonous vision of violence,  oppression, hate, and fear.

July 18, 2020 and an edited  version of this is also a blog column(also posted separately  July 18 as Portland, Oregon incident defines Trump meaning of "law and order" that should scare believers in democracy.
Per media reports July 17, battle gear bedecked, military-style federal agents, Trump ordered are "reportedly pulling protestors into unmarked vehicles" and firing rubber bullets into crowds of protestors.
In this case in Portland, Oregon, Trump sent in the same kinds of forces that he used to clear Lafayette Park of peaceful demonstrators. There too, in face of generals refusing to allow the active military to clear the streets, he tried an end-run around them using unmarked military types trained and pulled from various federal agencies picked to do his bidding. In this Portland incident, he used his authority under the guise of "protecting federal property".  Since these troops were positioned away from federal property, as well, it appeared they were there to intimidate and scare away the protestors. A young man armed with a boom box held high was shot in the head, and cracking his skull, was their rubber bullet victim...who was nowhere near federal property...nor was he a threat. Of course, it was all caught on cell phone video.  Nearly every civil rights and a couple of laws you could name, or the same restraints courts had ordered local police to observe,  were violated by these military-style and trained Federales (a term applied to federal police used by tin-pot Latin American dictators to quell the masses), but the best term more applicable came from the mouth of Sen. Wyden: "storm troopers".   That one has roots in Hitler's rise to power and similar techniques he used to consolidate his power.  Kidnapping, holding without charges and manhandling have been used in recent times by Putin in Russia and China., particularly in Hong Kong. Using unmarked thugs and secret police are common techniques used to subdue opposition by historical and modern dictatorships.  What was peculiar about this incident in Portland, the intimidating actions by stormtroopers, was that it was apparently staged for the benefit of FOX and covered only by Trump's loyal first,..but several days later, July 17, the outrage of the Oregon governor and the Portland Mayor and the emergence of a video of weapons firing seriously injuring someone and military types throwing demonstrators into unmarked cars brought it to mainstream media.  Both had worked hard to keep the demonstrations peaceful and their concern was that such action would only bring more hardcore protestors to the scene, ready themselves to do violent battle with the stormtroopers. The incident is still playing out since the request of local officials to leave the Portland streets have been ignored.

The purpose was political, it appears since the incident coverage was engineered on Trump media.  This is an indication that the purpose was keep the favor of the cult-like followers of Trump, to whom the concept of democracy and civil rights seems to be considered a barrier to Trump's power rather than as some ideal worthy to protect. Trump was faced with polling showing his approval ratings had dropped to the high 30%  due to his inept handling of the pandemic and the George Floyd protests. Raising the issue of "law and order" was certainly a diversion of attention from his tanking poll numbers. This kind of military action certainly appeals to the core of the only group of followers who still had the majority of their demographics favoring him: white men with no college education, per recent polling, and followers of the ideology of some of Trump's ardent advisors: dominate the streets with military and suppress demonstrators, peaceful or not.   It was meant to send a message that Trump's law and Trump's techniques to force order would rule,  but the message it sent to the majority of voters who are now not supportive of him was democracy has no place in Trumpland nor was any respect for civil rights or the rule of law. It was what we could expect in a Trump second term.

An ad run by a Trump PAC has also accused Biden of wanting to defund police. It was as close to a lie as any ad could be.
"No, I don't support defunding the police," Biden told O'Donnell. "I support conditioning federal aid to police, based on whether or not they meet certain basic standards of decency and honorableness. And, in fact, are able to demonstrate they can protect the community and everybody in the community."

Trumpism is our own brand of American fascism.:
Fascism is a form of governance, of authoritarianism, based on hyper-nationalism, totalitarian control of justice and domination of power over civilian life, the crushing of dissidents and press freedom, the end of any checks on executive power, ending the rule of law. while keeping and using private sector economic powers. All of those elements are what Trump has to some extent aspired to do in his statements.
He praises racist militias as good people, and neo-Nazis as fine people, and attacks even peaceful demonstrators, and called for active military domination on the streets.,He attempts to suppress the free press, caters to the 1% on economic matters, and stacks the justice system and judges with loyalists, while claiming he is above the law.

Trump's usual response to being called a divisive racist or anything negative is to tag the accusers with the same brand. On July 4,he called "Black Lives Matter" a symbol of hate, totally ignoring the issue of police brutality in the murder of George Floyd and others like him. That is what spawned the protests.. When some call him a fascist, he tries to tag the violent demonstrators as "left-wing fascists" with no idea what a fascist is because what he promotes as the kind of government he wants is eerily similar to the ones who rose to power in the 1930s. Fascists arose from the extreme right using violence and manipulating democracies, yet teaming up with monied and industrial interests. Trump was the one who wanted active military "to dominate the streets".   Street violence is an expression of a revolt against injustice.committed by the oppressed of any ideology and should not be condoned and is not protected by the Consitution that does protect peaceful protests.

 Trump's militarization of DC was meant to be an example of how he wants to treat the 50 states and our civilian population.. This is his vision for America and his example of how he plans to govern if he is elected for a second term. This is how democracy and first amendment rights are trashed and discarded. Americans have a choice of the kind of a country we want to live in and we can vote our choice in November.
June 1 Trump called the George Floyd riots an insurrection so he can call in the active military to "dominate" cities and states like a tinpot dictator of a third world country, a threat that ignores constitutional provisions forbidding such action without requiring an invitation from a state's governor.   He dotes on violence to contain violence if the violence is committed by Black people but white militias are invited to do their thing. and he winks as he says he is protecting their second amendment rights.  He waves a bible as he sends the message that he is with the white evangelists and he did it in front of a historic church with its basement damaged by the rioters.  He did not visit the church to pray for peace or to urge calm. He used it to threaten more violence. He gathered the ire of faith leaders of both his use of the Episcopal Church and laying a wreath at "a Catholic church statue oft Saint John Paul. II  .

This is from a year old article, about Trump's own FBI director testifying that most domestic terrorism is perpetrated by rightwing extremists. It is difficult for Trumpers to rewrite history without telling lies. The only identified affiliated arrests in the wake of George Floyd protests for violence were of members of a right-wing group with the purpose of starting a civil war, the Boogaloo Boys. No one with an affiliation with Antifa, Trump's reason for advocating military suppression and domination and law and order pr (that violate the constitution) demagoguery is to scare people into voting for him. Members of the Boogaloo boys were charged with killing a federal officer during Floyd protests. Boogaloo Boys say they are preparing for the next civil war. Update: June 4-17 Three boogaloo boys were arrested for inciting violence:
Boogaloo Boys on their web site consider Granby, Colorado's Marvin Heemyer's bulldozer rampage he termed himself as being unreasonable as their hero. .
 I have no sympathy for looters and vandals. They have lost their protection of First Amendment rights of the peaceful assembly when they became violent, and they should be treated as criminals,  but to clear Trump's way for his church photo op, peaceful protestors in compliance with their First Amendment rights were cleared from the park in front of the church using v flashbangs, tear gas, and mounted police were despicable   They then had the gall to lie about using chemicals, cutely and deceptively not calling what they did as tear gas, and later admitting it was pepper spray.  It was not used by the police but by the Secret Service, Trump's bodyguards...which also gives a lie that the peaceful protestors clean out had nothing to do with the intent for  Trump to do a  photo op.     Like hell they were. That photo op incident resulted in former military leaders and even Trump's Secretary of Defense coming out publicly to revolt with words. Per Gen. Mattis, who had served in Trump's White House...that the military was sworn to defend the Constitution and were not sworn to protect the president's political actions and that he was a danger to the Constitution as he exceeded his authority.  The final blow to Trump's misuse of the military came from Gen. Mark  Milley,  Chairman of the Joint Chiefs and a Trump appointee, when he apologized for wearing battle fatigues and walking across Pennsylvania Avenue to the church as part of the entourage for Trump's photo op after violently disbursing a peacefully demonstrating protest with pepper spray, and swinging batons, and mounted police.
The opening phrase of the Constitution lists the reason for its establishment... the military, to provide for the common defense and justice. to provide for domestic tranquility.  Use of the military to oppress and dominate its people, as Trump tried to assert,  can nowhere be found. However, in the  Posse Comitatus Act of 1878  defined and limited the role of the active-duty military. It was not to be used to carry out civil law. That the use of the active military in a state needs the approval of that state.  Per the Congressional  Research Service, "The Constitution permits Congress to authorize the use of the militia “to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions.” And it guarantees the protection of the state against invasion or usurpation of their “republican form of government,” and, upon the request of the state legislature, against “domestic violence.” These constitutional provisions are reflected in the Insurrection Acts, which have been invoked numerous" times both before and after the passage of the Posse Comitatus Act, 18 U.S.C. Section 1385, in 1878. Congress has also enacted a number"  of other laws
Trump declared the George Floyd demonstrations to be an insurrection.  Calling it does not make it one, particularly since the violence greatly diminished within a day or two of the demonstrations.  Trump asserted the District of Columbia was not a state, but a federal district (true) so he could use active military to "dominate "the "insurrection" without having to ask permission.  He did not count on the revolt of the military within his own administration, who found themselves misused to promote his political interests.  They were not "his generals", as he liked to call them. They were sworn to protect the Constitution, not has contrived photo op in from of the church or use the active military support his political interests.

The immediate resolution to the violence will take two parties acting: the legitimate, peaceful demonstrators purging their ranks of the looters and vandals and a government who understands that
the complaints about police brutality have legitimacy and who attempts to govern and legislate accordingly to solve problems.  The second party's actions will not happen if Trump gets a second term.

Trump's inflammatory tweets have urged deadly violence to fight violence. " When the looting starts, the shooting starts.", he exhorted, drawing on a 1967' statements by a racist Miami mayor, and advocating shooting the "thugs".  He even called for an insurrection by militants against Michigan and two other states not opening up quickly enough for business. ,
The outrage is that Trump and Trump's loyal attorney general Bill Barr says that only the leftist anarchists were involved as the instigator of violence in the protests, providing no evidence.
In fact, right wing militants pose as Antifa to advocate violence while Trump seeks to designate Antifa as a terrorist organization. The FBI found no evidence of Antifa involvement in the violence.VXPWUic_srGifEojnJi9Crx7vXIWRcrlY6Hjs7qtS3c81qPq0a_sM It is the Trump racist play book, his ticket to a win in November. Fear works for him. Violence works for him.We do not know yet the identity of all of the perps of flame, looting and violence. However, there is evidence that right-wing militias and extremists groups like the Boogaloo Boys were also involved, wearing their identifying Hawaiian shirts. and other insignia. Boogaloo Boys say they are preparing for the next civil war. Boogaloo Boy members were charged with killing a federal agent and wounding another in an ambush during the Floyd demonstrations, as mentioned above.
Also seen were armed men. in pickup trucks bearing extremist militia insignia of the Three Percenters. . Barr also controls the FBI but we can also depend on other sources to confirm who was doing the infiltrating. Barr and Trump were contradicted by officials and witnesses on the ground. 20% arrested for arson, vandalism, violence were from out of state. and there were reports of people unknown to the local demonstrators. " Department of Public Safety Commissioner John Harrington confirmed evidence of white supremacist groups trying to incite violence ;Many posted messages online that encouraged people to go loot in Minneapolis and cause mayhem".
The incriminating evidence of intent was their own social media summoning their fellow travelers to come and be violent.

Reality is that most domestic terrorism is committed by the right. Even in the past two months, terrorism charges have been levied against a militia connected person threatening the life of the Michigan governor and in the George Floyd protests, 3 Boogaloo boys were the only ones charged with terrorism. There was no evidence that Antifa groups or persons were the perps of violence, per the FBI.

Searching for the best data, this was in Wikipedia: According to the Government Accountability Office of the United States, 73% of violent extremist incidents that resulted in deaths since September 12, 2001 were caused by right-wing extremist groups.[83][84] A 2019 report found that 50 people in the United States were killed in murders by domestic extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides) during the previous year. Of these killings, 78% were perpetrated by white supremacists, 16% by anti-government extremists, 4% by "incel" extremists, and 2% by domestic Islamist extremists.[85] Over the broader 2009 to 2018 time period, there were a total of 313 people in the United States killed by right-wing extremists (including both ideologically and non-ideologically motivated homicides), of which 76% were committed by white supremacists, 19% by anti-government extremists (including those affiliated with the militia, "sovereign citizen," tax protester, and "Patriot" movements), 3% by "incel" extremists, 1% by anti-abortion extremists, and 1% by other right-wing extremists.[85]

Whether it is anarchists on the left or right, wherever they come from, they are enemies of democracy and civil society and they are not protected by the Constitution since they use criminal methods of violence, arson and vandalism. They are eager to destroy justice and civil society so they can realize their awful objectives. They are not for reforming police or justice systems.. They want to destroy both so their respective ilk can take over. and oppress others.. Some advocate starting a race war to upend democratic institutions so they can take charge.

Trump has failed to uphold the basic purposes of the Constitution. Instead of seeking justice, and promoting domestic tranquility,  this President throws gasoline on the flames of angered voiceless.  Instead of supporting justice and the rule of law fairly and equally applied to all, he praises those who advocate,  and are demonstrating with threatening weapons.. .. He is one who just called armed militias invading a state capitol "good people", and marchers who have practiced violence and lynching as their preferred method of justice, neo-Nazis, some 'fine people". This tweet and so many of his others are a  degradation of the purpose of our Constitution, justice, and support of domestic tranquility,   He then set about dismantling all of the reforms on policing that Obama set in place..
Parts of Minneapolis were in flames because the rioters did not see justice being done. . They saw Trump  even advocating treating suspects cruelly, l , asking police officers in 2017,  "please do not be nice to suspects", and letting them hit their heads entering police vehicles, for example. Trump's implication is "we have your backs".if you are brutal.  The nation and the world is in shock having viewed what looks like a murder being committed by the police before their very TV eyes. Indeed, the next day the officer whose knee was on the victim's neck for 9 minutes (and nearly three minutes after Floyd was unresponsive) was charged with 3rd-degree murder and manslaughter, further angering those who thought the charges should be first-degree murder.  The delay in arresting the officer and three of his cohorts. while  deciding on the charge was infuriating for many. It aggravated those already who did not trust the administrators of justice. It appears prosecutors wanted to make sure the charges they file will stick and convince a jury of the guilty charge. The worst-case scenario would be if the defenders were found not guilty of a charge of first-degree murder which is difficult to win in a jury trial since it requires proof of intent and planning. If a mistake was made, it was the local prosecutor who indicated in a briefing that there was evidence a crime was not committed when the video looked to viewers that murder happened before their very eyes. That was the spark that lit the tinder of the riots.     

The lessons of history which made Martin Luther King  Jr. successful were his use and advocacy of civil disobedience instead of violence.,. King said "riots are socially destructive and self-defeating. ... But in the final analysis, a riot is the language of the unheard."  Before he was assassinated, Rev. King commented that riots only helped George Wallace. 1968 saw riots and racial unrest which many think led for white voters to put "Law and Order" on the top of the political agenda, leading to the strong showing of racist George Wallace and the election of Richard Nixon in that November. June 1  Trump  exhorts governors to allow police to use more force. Call in the military Trump demands because this is an insurrection as he calls for more violence. George Wallace would look mild mannered compared to this wannabe dictator of a President.  Violence suits Trump. His heated promotion of violence  aimed at minorities is vintage Trump.  We should not expect anything else.

Peaceful protest marches kicked off the evenings, that last weekend in May into June,  but they deteriorated into violence.  Sympathy for the injustice millions saw committed was dimmed with universal condemnation of the rioters even by their own leaders striving for greater justice.  The rioters were heard, but it was also self-defeating,, tempering the sympathy for Floyd,  as Trump's media was quick to put blame on the demonstrators as  "thugs", arsonists and looting miscreants, burying the demonstrators' protest messages about the lack of justice and equal treatment by police of African-Americans and the wrong done to George Floyd. 

Continuing chaos is a political opportunity for extremist groups to repeat past successful strategies of winning elections by being the law and order candidates, bringing fake peace by oppression. It fueled the rise of fascists in Europe in the 1930s In the US in the 1960s, law, and order was a slogan that was a successful ticket to election wins.. However,it meant law and order for only some We should know by now that the application of the law is what must be equal and just if the government is to maintain domestic tranquility and order. Let us hope this country can keep its democracy together until November and replace this Trump administration with those who want to heal the nation, removing those who stoke racial divisions, chaos and violence and those using it as a political tool.

June 6 comments: protests are now mostly peaceful and increasingly multi racial with increasing participation of white Americans. Still fueling the protests is a realization that Trump and his administration are still talking up the use of US troops to dominate and suppress and they attempted to demonstrate that in DC, not a state and instead a federal entitiy. To do that they used US military police and a strange, unmarked cadre of unknown
persons. It appeared that they may have been prison guards from Texas under the direction of the Deparment of Justice headed by Bill Barr. This is disquieting. There are moments when I am reliving the early 1930's in Germany, when the population was at the cusp of wanting viiolent crackdown on ethnic and communist elements taking advantage of the failed Weimar goverment. A private army sworn to defend Hitler and carry out his commands had its origin and became the SS. and law enforcement fingered right wing groups: "

June 25 comments: I am ticked as heck at the comment posted on Facebook today that if you put a racial identity applied to a protester complaining about being discriminated against, you are a racist yourself. That is kin to those who say" all lives matter "as a way to put down "black lives matter." as a slogan. Twisting semantics by redefining the term while ignoring context are committed  by those trying to rationalize their own racist attitudes.
There is a difference between one demographic group putting down another demographic group as inferior in order to rationalize treating them unfairly (that is racism) and being sensitive about a racial issue in order to fix the problem.. Recognition of victimization by one group over another requires naming which group is doing what to whom.
Fortunately, those who try to dismiss racism exist by denying discrimination and unfair treatment of the African American demographic are becoming a minority. 

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Trump is up to his old dirty and cruel tricks again

Updated 4/13 -27, 2020 and revised 5/11-22 2020:  Reposted: 5/21/20 as Why Trump does not want mail-in votes from the prior posting headed "The cat is out of the bag. Why the GOP does not want mail-in voting".
When polls show mail in votings has two-thirds of voter support,  why does Donald Trump go on a rampage to deny federal COVID aid to Michigan if they do mail-in balloting?   The answer: he is looking at other polls and fear in a close election mail-in voting will hurt him. (Trump mistook the Michigan mailing for mail-in ballots when it was applications for absentee voting, but it indicates how jumpy even the prospect makes him). It certainly is not because of fear of fraud as he likes to rant, in spite of numerous studies showing such fear is groundless.  It is fear of a large voter turnout and if most votes are by mail, there is diminished ability to suppress votes cast in election day physical polling places of those who would not vote for him. Military and five states (red, blue, and purple) have already been doing with no significant fraud for years.  Colorado voters in particular must be particularly puzzled because they have been doing mail-in voters since 2013 with no problem. Oregon likewise for 22 years.
Trump has been so vociferous about his opposition to mail in votes in spite of such obvious and repeated evidence,  and no states who have it will back down by November, one wonders if he has lost his grip on reality.  Is he laying the groundwork for challenging the vote in November on cooked up charges of fraud to throw the decision into his friendly Supreme Court, hoping for an "Al Gore" repeat?
I recall that prior to the 2016 election, he was asked if he would accept the vote if he lost. He waffled on an answer and that same question needs to be put to him again.  Perhaps he is hoping for chaos and demonstrations in the streets as well as an assist from the Court. It would not be beyond him to pull such a stunt.  The best result would be his overwhelming defeat.  The next best result, Americans are prepared and on the lookout for such disruption of the democratic process and make it clear they will not stand for it.
      As evidence of widespread fraud, opponents to mail-in balloting point to any number of ballots mailed to registered voters that are not returned.  They obviously have no grasp of how the system works and hope those with such insinuations do not have a clue either.  Good thing election officials don't count missing ballots..only the ones that are returned with proper signatures and postage. Also, due to the Secretary of State's electronic list of voters, if anyone tries to vote in person plus mail-in, in Colorado the mail-in vote is canceled and the in-person vote is counted...thanks to the immediate and efficient miracle of electronics and communication with the Secretary of State's computers.
Want to ensure integrity in our elections?  The answer is to demand at least that all voting has a preserved paper trail to get a judicially supervised recount base on something that cannot be hacked. Colorado has had mail-in ballots..all paper..since 2013.. We can be sure that if there is any hanky panky...we can prove it. The answer is do not fall with the GOP's and Trump's bull about fraud in paper ballots. They have demagogued that one to death without any substantial proof. Election and voting fraud protection relies on good systems. What voting fraud cases that have been found was not in casting the ballot by mail but in the registration of voters. Colorado has just taken a step to keep registered voter addresses and new voter records updated is an enhancement to motor-voter laws. Per Colorado Public Radio 5/22/20:
"Colorado’s voter registration system is now a little more automatic. When U.S. citizens interact with the state DMV, their information will be used automatically to register them to vote, or update their registration information. Newly registered voters will get a letter after the fact asking if they want to affiliate with a party, or cancel their registration."
. In this time of COVID-19, mail-in voting is one way for voters to avoid social contact. There is also a good reason for mail-in voting. It is a way to avoid last-minute voter suppression efforts. It also takes a different strategy to get out the vote. Pictures of voters in one of the most backward states Wisconsin had to risk lives and stand in chilling rain to vote. Voters should not have to risk lives to vote in person. Purple Colorado has had mail-in ballots for years and its ruby red neighbor Utah also uses mail-in ballots. Some studies show that there is no partisan advantage but turnout does increase.

Fear of catching the virus could be a political weapon, too. It is not beyond imagination that after it is too late to get a ballot mailed to voters, some politicians could hype news of a spike in the virus infections in their area in order to scare away in-person voters. You can pretty well assume the GOP voters are more determined and reliable voters than Democrats. That could make the difference in a close vote. This does not take much imagination since it was tried in the recent Wisconsin vote (9% of votes are mail-in; the rest are in-person election day. ) At stake was the state supreme court chief justice, a Republican. Because of COVID and lack of poll staff, the vote places were very few. COVID fear was high. Voters had to risk COVID-19 to line up for hours to vote. The GOP strategy failed thanks to the efforts of Democrats anticipating it and doubling down on getting out the vote. There may have been even greater reasons for turnout: voter backfire to GOP tactics to make it hard to vote. The GOP judge lost the election. It is possible to beat the dirty trick with extra GOTV efforts.
There are some defensive techniques those running GOTV (get out the vote) efforts could use to ward off more glitches, problems, and subversion of the system. Advocacy and strategizing should begin now at the state level to pressure and counter secretaries of state and governors who see mail-in ballots their party's or candidates' enemies. The earlier absentee ballots get mailed to voters and the easier and closer to closing polls they can be returned are key to scotch last-minute vote suppressing scare tactics.

All states permit absentee voting even if they do not use mail-in ballots as the primary method. However, some states require written excuses and reasons for even requesting an absentee ballot. Other states put barriers that require ID/s, witnesses, or other methods to discourage voting. In Colorado mail-in ballots can be dropped off at convenient spots.. Another problem is younger, less experienced, and English as a second language, voters who may make errors that cause their ballots to be rejected by their County clerk.

I served as an election commissioner in Denver for over 7 years as part of my duty as Clerk and Recorder..1983-91. We used the old New York lever machines that left a paper trail and in every step of the process, both a Democrat and a Republican double-checked each other. Computers were a new thing then, but we rejected them because they could have been easily hacked.,.thinking that maybe someday they would be more secure. They are not in 2020, at least in tallying the vote. I am satisfied that having signatures checked by both D and R officials, running election registration against Social Security data files to discover who is still alive, is as reassuring as you can get. They do that in Colorado. That Russians were able to hack into election systems in all 50 states in 2016 is troubling...but having actual mail-in ballots in hand for scrutiny after the elections is as foolproof as you can get. There will always be crooked fools who try, but if the system set up as it has been for years in Colorado leaves an evidence trail in actual ballots, then that is the best evidence there is if an election result is challenged. That is the best deterrent to election fraud there is.  Why? Systems are in place, per this article. 
One Facebook skeptic said his vote was not connected to the internet, so how could it be hacked? It sounds as if the person had no clue of how the systems work, particularly in Colorado. My answer:
Your vote was indeed hooked up to the internet after being tallied by the county clerk. The voting results are tallied first at the county level using scanners (or manual if really small counties) and transmitted electronically (that means an internet that is a specially secured system) to in the state Secretary of State OFfice as also are registration records. The Russians may not be able to mess around with the local machines per county within the county, but what they can do is mess up registration lists and create havoc at the state level on election the Secretary of State receives the transmissions from the county clerks and tallied statewide. throwing a close election into chaos. Every single secretary of state systems was hacked in 2016, though that may have been a practice run. The only way to prosecute or right the wrong is to have paper trails and mail-in ballots are the ultimate ones. "

How secure are our elections nationwide? Fraud everywhere... claims the Trump folks.
It is not because they found any proof of widespread voter fraud already.  Trump set up a partisan dominated commission to find it.  They couldn't so it was disbanded:
Now there is a sense of urgency because state elections officials need to make changes soon to be ready for November.  There are two reasons for urgency:  predictions that by November a second wave of COVID-19 in the fall will mean all voters required to appear in person to vote will be risking their lives and the Russians are ready to create chaos to damage any trust in our kind of democracy.

     Mail-in ballots have advantages over electronic voting methods because they cannot be hacked by Russians and the paper trail they leave makes prosecution of irregularities easier. In  2016 Russians were able to hack into state election systems, including an attempt to penetrate Colorado's registration system and in 2018 fear arose they could corrupt the voter lists and even change election results. Colorado's mail-in ballot system was cited as immune to bad actors changing results because they could not hack paper ballots and the paper trail of fraud could be more easily traced to perpetrators. There is a defeatest attitude that any elections in November using any system will have no integrity:
if you are so sure November elections will have no long as Trump invites the Russians in, you are correct. So long as paper trials of voting are not preserved, you are correct. So long as we need democracy instead of military bloody coups, we need to be ready to call a fraud a fraud...and only paper ballots will be able to do it. The Russian's purpose: to destroy a democracy, and if we want one that reflects the will of the voters, we had better be able to stop them. In Russia's mindset, our weakness is their strength. So we need to make sure November elections have integrity if we care about having a democracy.

Campaigns to attack mail-in voting are not new GOP tactics.
Well, now we know if you did not guess it before. Republicans have blatantly admitted they do not want to make it easier for you to vote because making it easier would hurt Republican election chances.   There is a line of thought permeating the GOP: The fewer certain kinds of people vote, the better it is for Republicans.  They may be fooling themselves.  538 did a very thorough analysis and found it really did not make any difference.

Voter suppression tactics in their toolbox are aimed at making it more difficult for minorities, young voters, rural,  and the working poor to vote.  The issue was dramatized recently with pictures of voters in Wisconsin risking their lives in the middle of the pandemic to vote. This was thanks to a Republican  US Supreme Court majority, a GOP dominated state supreme court, and the GOP dominated state legislature which required the in-person vote to go on in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic and which sabotaged mail-in balloting as an alternative. Now the president refuses to sign legislation to provide funding to help the deficit of the US postal service caused by  COVID-19 and less business. For years the GOP has been trying to privatize the US Mail. While the US postal service has been moved to a stand-alone enterprise operation, the administration of the USPS is not in the control of a president and his cronies. That independence is important and if the purpose of Trump is to starve the postal service into being run by some contracted private company, imagine what opportunity that would present for some ballot return tinkering or delaying it by some corrupt president in the future.
     The reason the GOP is fighting the funding of mail-in voting being included in the bills providing pandemic relief is quite clear and public. Said Donald Trump in supporting  a Democratic proposal to fund  mail-in voting nationwide as part of the virus bailout, if Democrats had their way "republicans would never be elected.' " The Georgia House speaker, Republican David Ralston, opined that an expansion of absentee voting would be "extremely devastating to Republican conservatives in Georgia."  Those who could not get to polling places due to work demand or lack of mobility could vote more easily and they believe that would be bad for their candidates. Now, in mostly red states, the attempt is to make it harder to register, opposing motor-voter laws allowing you to register when getting a drivers license, purging registration lists of those who failed to vote in more recent prior elections, reducing time and place of polling locations to make voting more inconvenient,  requiring an official picture ID even for those who do not drive a car, and any other number of voter suppression acts.  Most of these laws just make it less convenient to vote, especially poorer, less mobile and more rural African American voters and have very little to do with fraud. The goal of most of these measures is to suppress the turnout of those they suppose will oppose them.  Per 538, mail-in ballots are only one part of the process and do not make much difference in the partisan divide.  However, poor, younger voters may make more errors and have their ballots rejected.  Republicans do a better job of educating their voters about the mechanics of mail-in votes,  an observation which Democrats might want to address.
     The GOP's rationale is if you make it easier to vote by mail, there would be more fraud.  Ironically, the two most recent cases of fraud were perpetrated by GOP operatives or in ruby-red states, in North Carolina and  2008 in Utah. In Utah recently parents were signing for youth away on missions and in 2008, registration of voters was an instance that ended in prosecution. Vote in person or by mail is very rare with less than 500 cases in billions of votes. The conservative Heritage Foundation has documented all cases in all 50 states of proven election fraud dated at least back to 2004 and reported 1088 of them. 1088 in 16 years! In fact, a commission appointed by Trump to find the fraudulent votes he claimed were in the thousands in 2016 was disbanded because they could not find widespread fraud. Most center around forgeries of names of elderly, but there are a wide variety of kinds of fraud, including voter registration fraud. They did not identify the perpetrators by party affiliation or ethnicity/race. Five states have easy absentee balloting and primarily use mail-in ballots and all states use some form of absentee voting.  Colorado is one of the states that use mail-in balloting in all of the elections phased in since 2013. Fraud has not been an issue. Per the Heritage Foundation, I counted 3 instances of voter fraud convictions since 2013, one of which had to do with registration, not voting. By the way, our troops vote by mail, too.
Non-profit, nonpartisan Fact called Trump's claim, that mail-in ballots are fraudulent, false and exaggerated.
"President Donald Trump continues to add false and exaggerated statements to his already lengthy list of bogus voter fraud claims.
There is no evidence to back up Trump’s blanket claim that “mailed ballots are corrupt.” Voting experts say the president is exaggerating when he says mail ballots are “fraudulent in many cases.” While the instances of voter fraud via mail-in or absentee ballots are more common than in-person voting fraud, the number of known cases is relatively rare. Trump also falsely claimed that California reached a settlement with Judicial Watch in which the state “agree[d] that a million people should not have voted.” California and Los Angeles County agreed to remove inactive voters from their voter rolls per federal law. But there’s no evidence any of them voted, fraudulently or otherwise. And as he has in the past, Trump claimed there’s “a lot of fraudulent voting going on in this country.” Experts say voter fraud is rare."  Why? Systems are in place, per this article.
      Wisconsin, not a southern state, is a sad case when it comes to damaging a representative democracy by political and partisan tricks. Trump now has a majority in the US Supreme Court with his recent appointees and he just won a victory regarding an election in Wisconsin.  The governor wanted to delay the vote on Tuesday, April 8, for the presidential and state Supreme Court, and local government races because  Coronavirus would make voting in person as required dangerous to the health of voters. Absentee votes could suffice. The Republican-dominated legislature and their state Supreme Court wanted the election to go on in-person even though absentee ballots would not arrive on time for voters to return them to be counted.  In short, thousands of voters who feared to vote in person in the few polling places left open were denied their ability to vote. At stake was the re-election of the Republican State Supreme court chief justice and the greater the turnout, the more likely that that domination would be at risk, they feared. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned in dissent that the conservative majority's ruling "will result in massive disenfranchisement". Slate's Mark Joseph Stern wrote that the high court's ruling "will nullify the votes of citizens who mailed in their ballots late—not because they forgot, but because they did not receive ballots until after Election Day due to the coronavirus pandemic."  Stern just fingered the ultimate voter catch 22. Sure, you can vote by mail, but you won't get your ballots in time to mail them back.
In a twist of political justice,  brave souls turned out to vote in spite of the danger of coronavirus, and the majority.voted against the GOP Supreme Court candidate, who also had Trump's endorsement.
      Wisconsin is already a poster child for anti-democracy election practices and their legislative body is one of the worst examples of political gerrymandering in the US, giving the GOP an overwhelming advantage while they represent less than 50% of the voters. Trump's compliant  US Supreme Court majority last year had already ruled they could not intervene in Wisconsin's political gerrymandering which in effect permitted one of the most extreme cases of distortion of representative government in the US. In 2012 Republicans had gained 60.6% of the seats in the State Assembly, despite receiving only 48.6% of the statewide vote...all by drawing election districts in a way that benefited them.   The thesis: millions of mail in ballots went missing.
Missing does not mean there is fraud...the implications of this conservative web site.  It just means someone lost it, did not return it for many reasons, or preferred to vote in person. The harvesting of nursing home votes takes place everywhere since those are permitted in every state even when mail-in votes are the main method. I spent over 7 years as a Denver Election Commissioner with some experience with fraud. The most infamous harvesting of them in recent years was conducted by Republicans.,   Most of it concerns forged signatures on registration and voting documents which could and should be detected by the elections officials paying attention to the comparison of signatures with those on file. What needs to be done is up to the county clerks to keep the information of registered voters on file and updated.  There are ways to accomplish this such as sending out mailings first-class to registered voters that do not contain ballots in advance..such as informational info of where and how to vote. It costs money but that is the cost of liberty 2012 elections,
Missing does not mean there is a fraud...the implications of this conservative web site.  It just means someone lost it, did not return it for many reasons, or preferred to vote in person. The harvesting of nursing home votes takes place everywhere since those are permitted in every state even when mail-in votes are the main rule. More problems are caused in the registration process than in actually voting..I spent 7years as a Denver Election Commissioner with some experience with fraud. The most infamous harvesting of them in recent years was conducted by Republicans.,   Most of it concerns forged signatures on registration and voting documents which could and should be detected by the elections officials paying attention to the comparison of signatures with those on file. What needs to be done is up to the county clerks to keep the information of registered voters on file and updated.  There are ways to accomplish this such as sending out mailings first-class to registered voters that do not contain ballots in advance..such as informational info of where and how to vote. It costs money but that is the cost of liberty