Monday, May 11, 2020

Trump continues to end Obamacare

A Facebook posting reminding those who may have forgotten, the Trump administration continues it support a legal action that will end in his ideologically dominated Supreme Court which would end Obamacare.
  • Yay!! Because of the pandemic we now see how the government takes care of our health!! I much prefer patient/doctor relationships and freedom to choose our own health care!
  • Felicia Muftic What country do you live in and what kind of health insurance do you have?. Get a grip on reality. That is not freedom for people who cannot pay the premiums. Your size of health care does not fit the shoes of millions. ..over 20 million before Obamacare.COVID 19 and unemployment will cease coverage for millions more. Thanks to Obamacare, they can enter that system and afford it. 160 million got their health insurance through their employers...before COVID ended the employment of millions. Don't be so self-serving and try waking in other's shoes. In Obamacare, you can be as free as you want. So glad you can afford the junk insurance Trump has permitted. Employer insurance gives you the only approved plans they offer. there is not much freedom there. My daughter is faced with a new employer which only givers her one plan: Kayser. Take it or leave it but she hates having to leave the insurance her former employer gave her. She is lucky to find a job since she is a victim of layoffs connected with COVID. I am on medicare. I have all the choices in the world. and no one interferes with my relationship between me and my doctor and I even get a choice with the kind of supplemental I carry to make up the 20% co-pay. .

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