Friday, May 15, 2020

The Obamagate farce

Obamagate is a farce invented by the Trumpers.

The Obamagate theory that Obama unmasked Mike Flynn for his conversations with the Russians became a farce instead.
Flynn was never masked in the first place in the conversation with the Russian ambassador that was intercepted by the FBI because the FBI deals with domestic, not foreign, contacts with US adversaries.  His name was never redacted from the FBI report and Obama never ordered it unmasked because Flynn was never masked in the first place.  Flynn lied about that conversation to the FBI and pleaded guilty twice and Trump fired him because Flynn lied to VP Pence. Now the Trump administration is trying to get Flynn off the legal hook, overturn the conviction inspite of his admissions.' That issue is in the courts now.  

Since the Tara Reade scandal tactic by the GOP did not significantly dent Biden's advantage over Trump in preference polls, the next Trump attempt is to invent Obamagate, alleging Obama used the "deep state" to drum up the Russian connection and hurt Mike Flynn. not only far fetched, but it makes no sense. The FBI, the Trump's deep state target, was probably responsible for Trump's win in November 2016 with its on again off again on again (ten days before election day) BS about Hillary's missing emails. Finally, in 2020, the Hillary email fiasco was closed after finding nothing.
It would make more sense to understand that The Deep State was filled with cold warriors who did not trust Russia and had spent careers considering them to be either an enemy or an adversary to US national interests. This was in contradiction to Trump's bromance with Putin...which was how the Trump relationship with Putin was called then. Flynn was suspected of meeting with Russian officials before inauguration dates to discuss the lifting of sanctions against them which Obama had imposed on Russia for invading Crimea and Ukraine, and interfering in the 2016 elections. Mueller's investigation based upon Grand Jury indictments went into great detail in their final report about who and how Russians interfered to help Trump, though they found no evidence Trump himself had collaborated or conspired with them. Now, in 2020, since Russian's interference has a champion in Donald Trump. He either denies the evidence or denies they would do it again in 2020 and certainly he did not punish the action at any time, The door is left open by Trump: his passive invitation.

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