Sunday, August 10, 2014

Say what? Obamacare hurts families and small businesses? Did you see that political ad?

A  young entrepreneur mom and wife looks you straight in the face in a recent anti-Mark Udall commercial and asks Udall to repeal Obamacare because it hurts families and small businesses.  Mark Udall is running for reelection for US senator for Colorado and his Republican opponent, Cory Gardner,  wants to repeal Obamacare.  How that mom could have delivered  that ad with a straight face is beyond me. 

 Eli Stokols of Denver's Fox 31 interviewed the spokesperson and concluded, "Bottom line: this is yet another example of a deceptive Republican attack on Obamacare falling apart under even casual scrutiny."  Her story does not fit the circumstances she claims it does.

Aside from that bogus personal story, does Obamacare  (ACA)  hurt families and small businesses?  Does the mom really think that it is better for families to go without health insurance because they cannot afford it?  Does she think that if one of her children or her spouse has a preexisting condition and strikes out on his own, it is better if an insurance company refuses coverage?  Does she really think it is better for the wife who gets insurance from her employer to have to pay higher premiums and more for cancer screenings just because she is a woman?  If she gets seriously ill, is it a good thing when she finds her insurance runs out because her care costs more than the cap or she is dropped mid-treatment?  Does she think it is better that she has to kick her over-18-year-olds off her insurance plan because her insurer is not required to cover them?  Does she think it is better for families to pay on the average $1000  a year more for insurance because the cost of caring for the uninsured with charity is shifted to the health providers and onto her health insurance premiums?  Obamacare has addressed all of these problems, and she wants to go back to the old way? That is what the GOP and Cory Gardner want to do, and neither has a plan to replace the benefits that Obamacare provides.

Does Obamacare hurt small business?  If a business has over 50 employees, most already provide employer insurance, and the 2 or 3% of those larger businesses do not have another year to arrange it.  Businesses with less than 50 employees do not pay higher taxes or have to deal with more regulations either, in spite of what the ad wants you to believe. Those with 25 employees or less even get tax credits if they want to offer health insurance. Obamacare also frees those who want to leave their corporate jobs to start a business or stay home with the elderly and kids to still be able to get affordable health insurance for their families. That ability hurts small business and families? 

Give me a break.  60% of the American people want Obamacare fixed instead of repealed. They understand some  advantages of the ACA provisions better than the writers of the ad think. 

A version of this appeared in the Sky Hi Daily News September 12, 2014

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