Saturday, June 27, 2015

Why the Supreme Court's decision on Obamacre care does not make the law more popular

The Supreme Court's decision regarding Obamacare was not one following public opinion, like their decision on gay marriate, but was the reading of the law in context of legislative intent and the essential goal of affordability for all of those who could not afford insurance before.  The law is more popular than before but still not popular by the majority, especially Republicans.   Here is the dilemma: Many more in the US are covered by Medicaid, Medicare, and employer provided insurance than are not. Only 18% were uninsured before the ACA; around 14% now in its second year...with heavier penalties yet to kick in. It is not surprising that those already insured  do not see that Obamacare benefitted them and are only beginning the realize that their friends and relatives are benefitting and no harm was done to them.  This is a case of caring for a minority of citizens and a failure for the insured to see any benefits to them. There are benefits, but if the Administration failed in selling Obamacare, it was to make a strong enough case of how Obamacare benefitted the already insured.

That premiums "soared" or the cost would sink us in the mud of a deficit are bogus fear tactics by die hard enemies of Obamacare.  Premiums have risen, but not to the extent in the past...and a part of that is indeed due to Obamacare.  Obamacare's ability to promote competition was crippled when the public option...a government lower cost insurance plan...was removed from the legislation because that kind of competition would have forced private insurers to adjust the cost of their plans.   There are other cost savings in Obamacare and still a measure of apples to apples comparison of health plans causing participating private plans to compete in price.  The requirement that all plans provide preventative care and checkups without co-pays cannot be discounted since those without insurance were the ones who were more expensive to cover when they turned up unbearably  ill in the emergency room. The result is that health care costs to be covered by government, such as Medicaid and Medicare will be less than otherwise without Obamacare.In fact, years were added to Medicare's life because of Obamacare and the deficit will be less because of it too, per the Congressional Budget Office.  More are paying into the system and fees and taxes charge also reduce costs. The cost shift of charity care to the insured premiums will be reduced, as well.

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