Friday, June 10, 2016

Will Donald Trump be unhorsed at the GOP convention? No.

Will Donald Trump be unhorsed at their party convention? No. He has the votes and the support of his base.
That is because 65% of the GOP do not believe Trump's attack on the judge was racist. The provisions of the Constitution and amendments are clear on so many levels...from rule of law and independent judiciary to religious tests to civil rights and protection of minorities are so involved in his statements. He may himself not be racist and he is angry at the judge, but he used racism to make his case. That  is very disturbing and the sign of very dangerous demagogue. It is especially serious in this case where he is using his bully pulpit as a candidate of a political party to protect his own financial interests and not even a political or moral issue. The connection is that
if all looked at Trump U and how it was marketed, it would verify charges that he is a con man that is a minimum unethical. The implications of the impact on an independent judiciary and the rule of law were carefully spelled out by Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren yesterday.   
For Warren's speech 

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