Monday, October 8, 2018

It is possible neither Dr. Ford or Brett Kavanaugh were lying: Here is my theory

I have heard at least two reports, one from a friend, women who reported being raped when they were younger, yet could remember all of the details.Here is what I did reply to my friend in a text exchange.  It is possible neither Dr. Ford nor Kavanaugh were lying.  Here is my theory:
 Dr Ford never claimed she was raped; it was an attempted rape, so this is not exactly a parallel situation as my friend's.   Both do not believe Dr. Blasey Ford because they say it was  a case of mistaken identity. That theory was also not corroborated and had been thoroughly debunked.    They think Kavanaugh was speaking the truth. There was no one who could remember or corroborate the incident; therefore Blasey Ford was just mistaken. I have already posted my sarcastic thoughts on the sham of the treatment Ford got in another blog posting (Hell hath no fury than women scorned), An FBI extra interview of only those witnesses permitted to be interviewed by the White House  made sure nothing was corroborated that helped Blasey Ford, not her psychologist, her husband, and now a new witness coming forth ...all fingering Kavanaugh as the assaulter before he was even the nominee on a short list...2015 to 2016.

Kavanaugh was adamant he did not do it and the carefully picked FBI interviews could find no one who could recall anything...even the only eye witness Mark Judge or the attendees in the downstairs at the event.

There was no mistaken identity if one takes time to review the testimony of Dr. Ford.  She indeed know Kavanaugh. She was introduced to him by her boyfriend. traveled in the same social circles. She described in vivid detail the house layout and where it was: between the country club and home.
She remembered he was already drunk when she arrived. The stairs, the bed location to the right of the door in a room across from the bathroom, into which she was shoved as she went upstairs to a toilet. She was not raped, only thought she was going to be, screamed, hand over her mouth, and when Judge jumped on them both, she ran terrified after she locked herself in the bathroom and heard them ping pong down the narrow stairs. She remembered their laughter as they assaulted her. There was no semen...nothing to prove anything. This was not a rape.  She just fled. That she did not remember how she got home is not unusual in a situation like this as psychologists will testify.  At age 15 a brisk walk for ten miles could have gotten me home in those days easily.
That is a positive ID if there ever was one, and the trauma she suffered for 36 years was true. I remember an incident that happened to me sixty years ago in equal detail, though the incident did not rise to attempted rape. I describe that in an earlier blog post: "A personal story: why I took Donald Trump's mocking Dr Ford so personally".

So how could both be telling the truth? My theory. The victim is the one who is traumatized..not the attacker, who, if not too drunk, is likely to feel pleasure or glee, as Dr. Ford recounts their laughter at her expense, and forget the entire incident. What guys get out of it is not what victims feel. Kavanaugh was also telling the truth. He was  drunk to some degree  and not the one traumatized, so being the frequent party guy he was, this was just another party among many, and not particularly a memorable one.

This theory has a benefit:  It avoids having to prove the  charge that Kavanaugh drank until he blacked out. He did not need to drink to that extreme to forget that particular party. It gives Dr. Ford the benefit of any doubt in all aspects, including the positive identification of her attackers, and eliminates the strange acceptance of some conspiracy theory  of mistaken identity that had zero corroboration to explain away doubts about Kavanaugh.  It also underlines the different reaction between  of the lasting  trauma to the victim and the sexual release of the attacker that is not traumatic and  may not even be memorable.


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