Monday, April 29, 2019

Trump's demagogic and hypocritical approach to women's health:

As southern states pass legislation to ban abortions or restrict them so severely abortions are virtually banned, they are hoping to cash in on Donald Trump's two anti-choice appointments to the Supreme Court.  Roe v Wade will now be put to the supreme test. Recently the cry was ban late-term abortions. Now it is banning all of them virtually or absolutely and punish those who assist or have them..

We will soon see if Donald Trump has swung to court so far to the right, a women's right to choose will be rolled back to the dark ages. One thing is certain. If Donald Trump is re-elected, he will have four more years and the opportunity to change the makeup of the court so that there is no doubt what the outcome will be.  

Donald Trump is no devout Christian. He is using the religious right for political gain. It is a demagogic and hypocritical approach to women's health.  In the meantime, Democrats who have both those who support a woman's right to choose and those who are far more conservative on the issue are struggling to craft a response, other than scaring suburban women. My suggestion is respect of those with differing beliefs, but do not make government the instrument of carrying out a religious belief not shared by 70% of the voters. We should care as much about the living as the unborn and as the South votes to ban abortions, Donald Trump's proposed budget slashes funds for Medicare, Medicaid and child nutrition programs.

Donald Trump at a Wisconsin rally this weekend: "The baby is born," Trump said. "The mother meets with the doctor. They take care of the baby. They wrap the baby beautifully, and then the doctor and the mother determine whether or not they will execute the baby. I don't think so."

This is my very personal view about choice. Having been married to a doctor, an OB-GYN, for over 50 years who practiced in both Catholic and secular hospitals, before he passed away he told me that he had never seen or heard of anyone performing, late-term abortions. No wonder. They are very rare.
Per the Center for Disease Control, abortions after the first 21 weeks of pregnancy constitute less than 1% of all abortions.

 That may be way beyond demagogue Trump's ability to understand or want to understand women's health care issues because he loves to rile up his core supporters. What Dr. Mike did know was that his patients before Obamacare did not always have the money to get prenatal care. He was old fashioned: he still served patients who could not afford services. He also was the first physician to attend a low-income health center in Denver's Five Points and in publicly funded Maternal and Infant care health centers in Denver's Hispanic west side. Donald Trump's budget proposes to cut funds for such health centers. Early health pregnancy health care and birth control, and most importantly, the health of his patients were his top priorities. Particularly at risk are minority women. African-American, , native Americans, and Alaskan natives have three times a rate of maternal deaths than do white women. .  If Trump wants to care for women and their unborn's health, he should stop fighting affordable health care for all.   

What about Roe v Wade? Trump's appeal to his Evangelical base that opposes any right of a woman to choose and has made it the litmus test for Supreme Court appointees, wants the government to ban abortions in any trimester. Currently, thanks to Roe v Wade, abortions are legal in the first trimester. or until viable.  I respect if I do not agree, for the right of those to hold religious views that oppose abortions period, and even those who believe birth control is murder.  I do not agree that the government should enforce their religious-based views on their behalf, nor do 71% of voters.

 The choice of whether or not to have an abortion is a painful one and one-third of women in the US face that choice. Though abortion rates are declining, at least one-fourth of women will have an abortion.

.  I honor those who choose to go through with an unwanted and unplanned pregnancy and opt to be a single parent. Being an "unwed mother" used to be a scarlet letter of social shame. It is no longer. It is, however, an economic burden that we should make it easier for them to bear with food assistance and affordable access to health care, minimum wage, and affordable daycare.   In my earlier life, I have also taken into our homes "unwed" mothers to be or had opted to be single moms.  I know the pain of giving up their baby for adoption because they could not face the shame back home and I know the financial pain they faced as single moms. I challenge the religious who oppose abortion to do likewise.  Those who believe such women deserve support should be the very ones who should be supporting maternal and infant care, nutrition programs, access to health care, and affordable childcare even if it is supported by government assistance. However, the very same who beat the drum for banning all abortions or access to birth control are often the same who oppose government support of those who choose not to have an abortion.  I fail to understand why those who profess to be so religious do not care about the living and health of women as much as they care for the unborn.    
President's Budget Proposes Cuts to Public Health Programs, Health Research, Medicare, and Medicaid
President's Budget Proposes Cuts to Public Health Programs, Health…

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