Monday, June 29, 2020

GOP's gift to Democrats and the timing could not be better

These comments were inspired by this piece in the Washington  Post and  I took it a bit farther.

Trump's support of ending Obamacare through the Supreme Court, could be a well-timed campaign gift to Democrats in November. In October the Trump admin will argue before the Supreme Court why Obamacare should be ditched and just filed a motion the whole act should be thrown out.,, including coverage of pre-existing conditions. The timing of the oral arguments just before the Nov. elections could be particularly dramatic. The Court will not rule until next Spring, after the presidential election but it will be a compelling reason why Democrats need to take the Senate and White House. They need to be able and ready to provide alternatives. and improve whatever survives..maybe medicare for all, or some semblance. After 4 years of promises, the GOP failed to come up with a substitute. It cost them the House in 2018 and it could cost them the White House and Senate in 2020. The issue can be tied to what we have learned from COVID-19 and George Floyd protests...the lack of adequate health insurance hit everyone, as the medical bills begin to trickle in and the lack of good health care laid bare that minorities and poor suffered the most.

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