Monday, July 20, 2020

Trump's cognitive failures are a pre-existing condition

Donald Trump's oft used trick is to call out an opponent with having the same problems those pinned on him. Psychologists call this ""projecting. To him it is a strategy: the best defense is an offensive, deceptive offense. He just crowed that he passed a simple Alzheimer's screening test and challenged Biden to do it, too. He must have been upset at recent FOX poll that shows Americans believe Biden is mentally and physically more capable than him to be president.
Alzheimer's is not the only cognitive problem that should be tested. Trump's cognitive failures are a pre-existing condition. The guy cannot comprehend the written word,. He can claim he did not read the report presented to him by intelligence agencies in briefings and take responsibility for it or act on it:. It is a handy disability.,, feigned, wilful, or real. A recent example: Russia paying the Taliban bounty for killing US soldiers he claims he never heard about it, but ex-staff claim he was told. .. Bullet points on one page do not work per any number of ex-staff. Too bad not all governing problems are so simple. His ability to focus more than a few minutes on an oral briefing is legendary. He should be tested for ADHD. This is a guy who uses deductive reasoning deduced only from the facts he likes, cherry-picking them, and ignoring any body of evidence to the contrary. He has erased from his memory American history and civics..and was so amazed to learn about PearlHarbor for example. What he has done is to compensate with his oratorical skills and auditory abilities (briefings has to be orally delivered to him) Even his auditory memory and comprehension is often selective..If he does not know the answer or doesn't like the answer, he just lies....thousands and thousands of times... So much so Tom Friedman, reward-winning columnist, recommended Biden should not debate him because he would spend the whole debate just fact-checking him. Friedman recommended if Biden does debate him at least have a panel of fact-checkers to call Trump out on the spot.
Joe Scarborough used an example lately, not facts, to dismiss the great job Trump has done in taking leadership on COVID-19: and claiming an increase of virus infections are due to more testing. "So great, Europe and Canada will not let Americans in we have done such a great job.".retorted Scarborough.
The other approach, take a look at the hospital admissions with COVID positive test numbers as the bottom line. That is one general populace can grasp as a verifying truth without glazing over and getting lost in the wonky weeds.
In a debate, some words of advice from me, an old high school and collegiate debater. Biden should not be hung up on debating facts, just call Trump out on it (there you go again, inventing facts; check the fact-checkers); proceed with real facts. briefly...and move on. Fact-checking Trump is also cricket if it is done well by the debate moderator or interviewer, as Chris Wallace on FOX did recently. It is fair game to call out his fact twisting and his ignorance as a preface to a rebuttal. The danger is getting hung up on the debate over facts and get sidetracked into minor points and if Biden has the fact rebuttal at his fingertips, he just needs to say "that is not true, per....a (trusted) source or fact-checkers" and move on. By doing that, Biden can demonstrate it is he with the mental acuity he has always had and as he is already doing. of Trump's projection strategy. How Chris Wallace fact-checked Trump in real-time  How security briefers have try get through to Trump   John Bolton said Trump was briefed in 2019, as well. How Trump had no idea of the significance of Pearl Harbor   Tom Friedman's column Biden should not debate Trump...unless...

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