Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Taking MAGA to extreme: Arizona county refused to certify Nov. 8 election

 Post-November 8 midterms, Arizona narrowly elected Democrats to some. major positions, but the election denier stench lingered as one county refused to certify the election while unable to prove evidence of fraud. The secretary of state is suing the county. This county is taking loyalty to MAGA to the stupid, crazy, and dangerous extreme. It is a Republican heavily dominated county, and if successful not even those who voted GOP would have their votes counted, resulting in flipping a house seat from red to blue, setting a precedent for others to destroy the foundation of democracy, free and fair elections.

Arizona secretary of state sues after Republican officials refuse to certify county election results | US midterm elections 2022 | The Guardian

Friday, November 25, 2022

The Hunter season begins, prepping now to fire away in January

 As the narrow GOP majority scrambles to agree on leadership, whoever emerges as speaker will not change the GOP plans announced in advance to try to bring down Joe Biden with one after another series of "hearings" and impeachment. House Republicans vow to investigate Biden and his family's business dealings | CNN Politics 

First on their agenda is Hunter Biden's laptop and an attempt to prove Joe Biden profited or participated in Hunter's business foul-ups.  Expect them to raise. whatever flak they can with table-thumping indignation and accusatory tone of witness examination. They will need to make a ton of noise if they want to divert media attention from their divisions and lack of any plans to solve inflation and crime, or the deficit,  the issues they claimed were reasons to elect them in 2022.

Preliminary investigations of the Hunter laptop flap show no there there if the goal is not to \ to dig dirt to implicate the father, Joe Biden.    That was more or less the conclusion drawn by CBS news.  There is forensic evidence the laptop will be of no help to the GOP in spite of conspiracy theories to the contrary.  If the GOP flamethrowers fail to come up with anything resembling evidence and proof other than flagellating hapless Hunter,  the attempt may backfire on the GOP in 2024, when all House seats are on the ballot again.  https://www.cbsnews.com/news/hunter-biden-laptop-data-analysis  Some GOP House members have also loudly announced their payback attempt to impeach Joe Biden. For what? A troubled son? A successfully enacted public policy agenda? During these next two years, the House Democrats should take every opportunity to remind voters these revenge hearings will do nothing to make their lives better.

House Republicans vow to investigate Biden and his family's business dealings | CNN Politics 

With Majority in Sight, Republicans Hush Talk of Impeaching Biden - The New York Times (nytimes.com)

Ted Cruz says Joe Biden could be impeached if GOP takes U.S. House | The Texas Tribune

Thursday, November 24, 2022

How could the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and legal action be taken more seriously

How could the FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and subsequent  AG Merrick Garland's  actions be taken more seriously than just more politics as usual?  Whatever the outcome, it will look like dirty politics and abuse of power to Trump supporters and it might never  be strong enough action for Trump's detractors that want to put an end to Trump's political ambitions or to put him in jail, or  to deter future presidents from doing the same. One constructive outcome will be to reaffirm the principle that no person, not even the president in or out of office, is above the law. The more important result of this drama could be to convince both sides of the political divide that abiding by the rules of classified document handling by even the commander-in-chief is vital to our national security and needs to be taken very seriously.  That possibility exists if enough convincing evidence is found that  ties Trump's irresponsible handling of the documents resulted in serious damage to the US spy network.  The  allegations are out there; so far there are only circumstantial suspicions.  Intelligence agencies fear that Trump has been leaking information on U.S. spies overseas (dailykos.com)

The problem  Attorney General Merrick Garland is facing is how any indictment or punishment can be viewed by skeptics and critics as more than a political gotcha and a technical violation of the laws. No matter what transpires from the more arm's length  special counsel's findings and recommendations, Garland will still have the make the ultimate judgment call. Whatever he does will be viewed as motivated by politics. Those who think Trump needs to be punished for setting an example to future presidents ignoring rules on handling classified documents and then obstructing the investigation will be angry if Garland does not prosecute Trump. Supporters of Trump will go ballistic, assigning political motivations to Garland. Whatever Garland does could make him seem the villain, not Trump, as the right wing media goes into overdrive..

If Trump's actions regarding the classified documents he took to Mar-a-Lago result in an indictment for breaking the rules of law and, most likely, obstruction of justice, and then found guilty at a trial that results in some sort of punishment, is serious on its own, but it may still appear to many that he was politically prosecuted on a technicality.  However, if his irresponsible actions and playing loose with classified national security documents resulted in real harm to national security, that may make his actions look truly dangerous. 

 The more serious revelation could be to tie Trump to outing our spies abroad, resulting in their death or recall. The news story that this prosecution is just politics or involves a minor technical detail that deserves a slap on the hand  will take a turn as anti-Trumpers can make a stronger case that Trump cannot be trusted to be a president again because what he did was a danger to national security, whatever his motivation. The purpose of responsible by-the-book treatment of classified documents will be vindicated in the minds of more current and future voters. They are absolutely necessary to protect national security interests. 

For more, go tohttps://mufticforumblog.blogspot.com/2022/08/ticked-deep-state-is-out-to-get-trump.html



Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Attacking educators: GOP's newest strategy: keep our voters ignorant

 Attacking educators is GOP's newest strategy: keep our voters ignorant. The comments by Mike Pompeo, former secretary of state, calling the head of the teachers' union, Randi Weingarten, the most dangerous person in America, was not only an over-the-top jaw-dropper but it also signifies a dramatic shift in party affiliation demographics. No, Pompeo, the greatest danger to America is ignorance unfiltered by reason, respect, and knowledge of facts and history. There is no "been there done that" wisdom to temper irrational behavior and blind devotion to conspiracy theories.

Pompeo's reasoning appears to be fed by the political opportunism of one who is a highly educated person when he knows better, appealing to the least educated person: attacking teaching "wokeness" (i.e. history based on fact and not white nationalist racism) as dangerous to the country. This is verbal manipulation that caters to the change in the demographics of his political party. Pompeo is not the only one. Texas Senator Ted Cruz is another highly educated political leader who knows better but has made a successful political career of taking advantage of those less educated. It is sheer intellectual dishonesty. and demagoguery.

Since the beginning of this century, the affiliation of the GOP by education level shifted from those with higher education levels to the lower, less educated. The GOP is now the party of the more ignorant of history and a perspective of looking at facts and evidence without critical thinking

What is "critical thinking"? Here is my definition: taking a thought, looking at various sources of facts evidence, considering pros and cons, how something like that resulted before, and then drawing conclusions. That is deductive That takes literacy and education and consideration of proof and facts. .

There is another "critical thinking" process that starts with a theory Sometimes treating as fact conspiracy theories that sound right and plausible results in their eventually being debunked. Their advocates are believing the theory is correct first and and then theysearch for evidence to prove it., Even then they just disregad facts and evidence to the contrary, developing more theories to explain away emerging facts. (best example: Arizona Cyber Ninja Audits of the 2020 vote that found no fraud and gained Biden 360 votes) In spite of that, those still say the 2020 election was stolen. Inconvenient truth is sometimes too bitter a pill to swallow.

Pompeo says head of teacher’s union is the ‘most dangerous person in the world’ | The Hill

Opinion | Never Forget What Ted Cruz Did - The New York Times (nytimes.com)