Saturday, March 27, 2021

My take on the Georgia voter suppression laws and glimmers of hope, updated 4/6/21

Updated: Colorado Vs. Georgia Voting Laws: What Are The Differences? | Colorado Public Radio (  The MLB will play their All-Star game at Coors Field in Denver as a protest to Georgia's proposed voter suppression laws.  Colorado is considered the gold standard on voter participation laws and there is a very significant difference, per the CPR article. Fraud fears in Colorado?None: . Colorado has mail in voting and it has very effective ways to deal with fraud.  

While the Georgia voter suppression law just signed by their governor made it possible for the state legislature to take over county election officials they did not like, they left Sunday voting untouched. Souls to the polls remained though the faith that vote counts would not be controlled by partisan power grabbers in the legislature got shot to heck. Banning souls to the polls was a bit too obvious of racism as a motivation. Instead, what was more insidious and devious was worse. What the Georgia law did was to ensure future elections would be subject to partisan control from the county to the state level, permitting the state to take over local election boards. Jim Crow South is rising again by centralizing vote counts in the hands of a gerrymandered white-dominated legislature.

Similar laws are being enacted by states with GOP-controlled legislatures and governors from the south to the midwest.   This begs the question:  what is the goal here?  In the South, the former slave states, it is obviously aimed at white control of racial minorities that are destined to become majorities in about 20 years from now.  Is the purpose to slow down any power shift and preserve rule by white rulers as long as possible and in the longer term an attempt to set up apartheid permanently? In the states with small populations of minorities of black and brown is this simply an insurance policy to keep state and local government in hands of the GOP while they lose national power?  In any of these cases, this signals years ahead of racial strife and political instability until these leaders with the apartheid mentality retire and new generations take over. For now, it is pure and simple a power struggle and an ugly one.

  The GOP members held over from the Trump era turn to the iron fist of authoritarianism that enables them to trample the rights of those they govern to keep them from becoming their governors, while the minorities knock on their door demanding the promise of democracy with the rule of the people regardless of race.  The only way to avoid that scenario is for acceptance and power-sharing by the leaders and followers of all sides involved now, but that hope runs contrary to human nature that is by instinct and history tribal. I am not optimistic.

 The glimmer of hope is that constant racial strife is seen as bad for business that is dependent on consumers regardless of race. 80% of the US economy is dependent on consumer spending and the threat of selective boycotts implied, if not publicly stated,.is a powerful weapon. The Georgian minority community has already begun to put pressure on the nationally recognized brand named corporations headquartered in Atlanta. .  Self-interest and the color of money in the commercial sector can become the piper that plays the government tune. Capitalism, with its worts, may save democracy yet in that one state..  In the meantime, the passage of  HR1, now S1, and other voting rights legislation in Congress, is the only quick legislative defense against the Jim Crow laws being enacted in GOP states.  Courts cases being filed will eventually run into the Trump-appointed new majority in the Supreme Court with an uncertain outcome.

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