Monday, December 12, 2011

GOP is relying on voters being unsophisticated and dumb?

Of all the arrogance.  I heard at least two spokespeople for the GOP on Sunday talk say that Americans really do not care about policy; they just know they hurt.  (unstated: so they will vote for the other side). Do they really think voters are that dumb?  Is that what the GOP hopes happens…that there the vote will be based on the question: Are you better off than you were in the past? There is a reason polls show that the blame for the great Recession lies on the Bush administration and Obama is down 4 on the list.  Do they really think that voters know that it is possible to have policies that would make their situation worse, even though they do not think the Obama policies were good enough?  If the GOP hangs it hat on the unsophistication of voters, they may be in for a shock in November 2012.

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