Monday, September 24, 2012


More crocodile tears:  Mitt Romney has the gall to criticize President Obama for not getting immigration reform passed in his first term, giving priority to health care passage, Wall Street reform, saving the auto industry, and passing the stimulus that created 3 million jobs, instead. 

  Here is Romney who first said that he opposed the dream act, now revising his comments to say he wants a permanent solution (with no specifics of what that means), who agreed that the undocumented should not have a path to citizenship because it was amnesty, and who thinks the Arizona “show me your documents” law is a model for the rest of the US.

Across the country, Republic attorneys general have attempted ,and in many instances succeeded, in supporting voter suppression laws which  restrict the ability of minorities who support Pres. Obama to vote.

Per his spokesman, David  Axelrod,   appearing on MSNBC this morning, when Obama was sworn in, he had every reason to believe he could get enough bi-partisan support for the kind of reform he envisioned. At least 7 Republican senators had earlier expressed support of his approach, but their supported faded in 2009; it was not legislatively doable.  Obama has pledged to make another attempt in his second term.

Do you think that if Romney were to be elected,  the kind of “immigration reform” he would back or those of his party in Congress or  his base would support would be the kind of reform Hispanics would dream about?

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