Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Who do you trust is the right question

In (Romney, Obama) we trust?  Pick one and ask ourselves whom we can trust to do what. Here is a case for trusting Pres. Obama over Gov. Romney .  Obama is on to something when he couches Romney’s last minute  90 degree turn to the center on both domestic and foreign policy issues  as “Romnesia” . Making  “who do you trust?” is  the logical follow up question Obama is now asking .
 The question we should be asking ourselves  is  which Romney  can we trust to  show up in the White House if he is elected?  Whose interests will he represent  in negotiating the profound budget reduction issues and in making the judgment calls on foreign policy in a very dangerous world?
We can trust Obama to carry on, to support legislation that even Congress stopped in his first term.  His newest “pamphlet” on his plans for the next term is simply a compilation of these.    Staying the course will also  12 million jobs in four years anyway, according to two of our most respected business analysts. 
The GOP’s favorite  line is that Obama  did not live up to   promises so  he has failed  to earn your trust by his own measure .  That has a hollow ring since so many of those promises  Obama  made were uttered  before he  was sworn in and the depth of the recession was  known.  Otherwise, the stimulus did create 3 million jobs as promised; the auto industry bailout worked, and the health care law was passed. The economy did not fall into the Great Depression 2, as it was headed in 2008,  and the current  trend lines show recovery in every sector, including jobs. . On foreign policy, Obama’s  pledge to get Bin Laden, to keep us safe from attack , and to get us out of our long wars have been or are being kept.
When Congress flipped into  Tea Party control in 2010, the GOP in Congress was able to block any of  Obama’s remaining agenda, from short term job creation to a Grand Bargain on deficit reduction.
Do we believe Romney’s true moderate self has emerged and we should take  his last most current position  as the real deal, even though it contradicts the position he held the prior  month?  Or do we look at it as a candidate willing to do what  it takes to be elected,  realizing the track he was on for the past year of campaigning was not winning?  Or do we consider to  whom he is beholden?
 Romney has shown no consistent allegiance to ideological values or even economic realities , abandoning them and supporting them when it advances his political fortunes or caters to his political backers. He even proposes an  age old political ploy of proposing a tax reduction to the middle class, even though there is no mathematically plausible possibility  to pay for it.
  If he dreams of a second term,  Romney will have to  live up to his obligations to the advisers and  supporters who are  responsible for his success to date.. They  are Tea Party people, big corporations and the wealthy, and neo cons   who have  supported intervention in  middle east conflicts  in the Bush administration. By his friends shall you know him.
What we can trust Romney to do is  to carry   through on commitments he made through the primaries and  the general election campaign  that have not changed:   overturn Roe v Wade, repeal of Obamacare, keeping 27 million in the ER for health care  ,  restoration of high costs for women's health and senior’s medication, and  elimination of  the guarantee  that Medicare will cover future health care costs .We can trust Romney to favor the “job creators”, the code word for the already wealthy,  in any tax reform , budget proposals and regulatory policy negotiations.

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