Friday, December 14, 2012

Peggy Noonan' advice to the GOP; she got it right

Highly recommended: Peggy Noonan's column in the Wall Street Journal yesterday.  To the point: it is  not enough to use the word "middle class" over and over; there must be conservative policies that appeal to the middle class.  Neither Marco Rubio or Paul Ryan in recent speeches have done it.
She concluded
"Republicans are now in the habit of editing their views, and they've been in it for 10 years. The Bush White House suppressed dissent; talk radio stars functioned as enforcers; the angrier parts of the base, on the Internet, attempted to silence critical thinkers. Orthodoxy was everything, or orthodoxy as some defined it.
This isn't loyalty, it's lockstep. It has harmed the party's creativity, its ability to think, when now more than ever it has to. Enough"


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