Saturday, July 23, 2016

FactChecking Day 3 of the GOP Convention

FactChecking Day 3 of the GOP Convention

What is clear about this and other fact checking, is to scare the daylights of voters to support him, Trump and others have to distort and lie in order to make their points.  What is also clear is that few care whether what he says is true because what he says rings true with their own opinions, guesses, hunches,  prejudices, and fears. Trump's deceits only verifies them and gives them a voice.  He makes it politically correct for them to express what was before politically incorrect, whether it is racism or based on ignorance.

 It is this kind of populism that frightened our country's founders who sought to set up a government with checks, balances, protection of rights, that would prevent such strong men from ever dominating the new country. They had seen too much of that in their past lives, both in Europe and England from which most came, and in mistakes made by colonialists.    The problem is that Donald Trump has no concept of any of this.  What it would mean if he became president is sheer chaos as he tried to bull his way through the safeguards of the Constitution against a would be dictator.  What we can see happen are   fights  over supreme court appointees as he tried to stack the Court with those who agreed with him, gridlock beyond anything we have yet seen in Congress, and protests of size and intensity of what we have not seen yet.

More fact checking:

For even more, simply google Fact check Trump Republican convention  and choose your sources: My two: the independent Fact and the Associated Press.

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