Thursday, November 17, 2016

I hear two currents of thoughts from those who are optimistic about Donald Trump's ability to rule and to get things done.  One, because he has no prior experience in government, it is similar  the lack of experience that Pres. Obama had when he took office and so he will  likewise succeed, even though he called Obama a failure in the compaign. The other is conflicted. So he appoints a white supremicist to a leadership position in his White House, Trump himself is not racist and will concentrate on bringing economic well being to those left behind, which is much more important.

Comparing Donald Trump's lack of experience in government to Pres. Obama's lack when he was elected, is not a good one.  In fact, Trump's experience is much less. To dismiss the fears felt by those who were disrespected in the Trump campaign as not widespread or spontaneous, will lead to his inability to get his economic agenda accomplished.  Here is my response to a facebook post.

Was Obama unprepared. for the job? Obama was a state legislator and a US Senator and sat on the Foreign Relations committee. He at least understood civics and the Constitution, more so than anyone elected to that office since he was a professor of Constitutional law. Trump seems ignorant about the powers and Constitutional constraints on the office. It will be a very steep learning curve . Obama's multicultural background gave him a unique understanding of all of America and the world. He never acted out of ignorance nor did he ignore facts. He is leaving office with one of the highest favorable poll ratings in history.

If what you are saying is that fear in our land and a feeling that Washington is now their enemy of all except white males is somehow just fomented by paid agitators, then you are laying the groundwork for a failed presidency.. Fear is deep seated and real. To calm the waters is now what Trump must do, or the civil unrest and constituitional crises will dominate public attention and Trump will find his economic agenda buried in the racial and ethnic civil unrest that will result.

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