Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The Ossoff candidacy was also a victim of resistance movement that lacks credibility.

The premature nature of the Trump resistance movement was a factor in the Ossoff defeat. The actual outcome of Trumpcare was not yet known, since the CBO score of the Senate's bill had not been released. The resistance movement has also failed to show how they would fix Obamacare. The Russian connection investigation is only about 20% completed, but signs are beginning to point to some very intense effort to understand if there is any financial hanky panky committed by Trump and his associates now or in the past. The financial crimes unit of the Treasury department has just released their tracking of international financial dealings to the FBI and the Senate committee. If, in this course of investigation, truly crimes are uncovered or if Trump is "compromised" and played by the Russians, then this becomes more of an issue in future 2017, 2018, 2020 elections. These are very important "ifs" and the best the Democrats can do is to not overplay their hand,making it look like all truth looks fake or partisan, but to make sure the public is informed and understand the implications and consequences to our national security. At that point, the resistance movement is not just obstructionist, but lacks real credibility. It does not have it yet.

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