Sunday, July 2, 2017

Trump's commission's wild goose chase to find 3 million illegals voting in 2016 is dangerous

The attempt by this commission to justify an off the cuff tweet by Trump that he lost the popular vote because 3 million illegals voted is not only a wild goose chase, it is dangerous. One of the real protections against Russian interference in our elections by misusing voter registration lists is the fragmentation of that data each of the 50 states maintain. It is harder to hack 50 than one so now this commission wants control over all in one federal data bank? And give the Trump administration the ultimate control over 50 states voter lists? Williams is right: just give them something that is already public information, but not the vital statistics a power could use to control an elections. whether that power is domestic or foreign. Those public registration lists are available to anyone, but they do not contain the personal data the Commission requested that Williams is refusing to supply.

What is astounding is that the public as a whole is not outraged nor do they seem concerned that the Russians have the ability to manipulate which candidate for President or even Senate could win a US political race. That is an attack on democracy and only a few seem to see the danger or even care. What is also puzzling is that those who ardently support states' rights, the GOP, are the ones least concerned.

Protecting the integrity of the registration data base is a sacred duty of local and state elections officials.
(Felicia Muftic is a former Denver, Colorado, Election Commissioner.)

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