Saturday, January 6, 2018

The GOP 2017 wrecking ball continues its unpopular swing into 2018

After wrecking financial consumer protection by stopping class action suits against banks, giving away national lands and off shore drilling to oil/gas and damaging the environment for years, a tax reform bill that deprived 13 million of health insurance and mostly benefited business and wealthy interests, sabotaging Obamacare with exec order for small business to provide employees with near useless health insurance minus essential benefits, causing health insurance for everyone to increase 10%  more than it would anyway, ending net neutrality, and attempting to obstruct  the Mueller investigation into the Russian connection and their interference in the 2016 election, and busting the deficit meter, they announce an ambitious legislative agenda in 2018: .Above all, if the word "reform" is attached to anything, it means funding cuts; we should know that now from their attempt at health care reform, repealing without replacing Obamacare. Targets: cutting the social safety net, Medicaid and Medicare to pay for a bigger military button and increase the deficit more and to build the great wall of Trump to keep out immigrants. Let us see if any money goes to infrastructure, or if they only enable more toll roads... We will see DACA relief to believe it. Almost all of their 2017 accomplishments and their agenda have polled very unpopular with the majority of Americans. It looks like they are making hay on enacting their most ardent GOP desires before the blue wave drowns them in November 2018


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