Thursday, February 1, 2018

The Nunes memo is sheer BS..Carter Page's Russian connection was already public knowledge.

The Nunes memo centers on the Steele dossier being used as the sole
reason to seek a FISA warrant to investigate Carter Page. The FBI has
been on to Page from other sources per this Politico article, which puts
a lie to the Nunes premise that the FBI messed up on the FISA Warrant on Page because it relied only on the Steele dossier.  In fact, Page was on the radar of the FBI since 2013, well before the Trump campaign .
Here is the background written in September 2016 by Politico and published a month before the FBI met with Steele. The FISA Warrant date was October 19, 2016.  and renewed 4 times.
The Mueller team did not meet with Steele until the summer of  2017.…
Why this is important is that Nunes is trying to destroy the reputation
of the FBI should the Mueller investigation comes up with negatives on Trump.
That Carter Page's connection with Russia was just discovered by this Steele dossier
is sheer BS and evidence of Nune's dishonest memo.The FBI was onto
him with good reason to go in for the FISA warrant. He was a known Russian connection for some years. A Russian spy ring tried to recruit him, per Buzzfeed: short, the FBI did not need to rely solely on the Steele dossier in order to present a reason to the FISA Court to get permission for surveillance. after the election, Page had made numerous trips to Russia, information that probably went into the request to renew the FISA warrant.  That the FBI was incompetent in following Carter Page's Russian Connection is going to be a hard sell or that the FISA warrant was not "warranted" will be difficult to believe.

Reports of deep Russian ties swirl around Trump adviser Carter Page. Oddly, nobody in Russia seems to have heard of him.

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