Wednesday, June 27, 2018

On the 4th of July. Remembering why we celebrate it.

A verson of this was published in the Sky Hi News July 3-4, 2018

It is the 4th of July time.  Remember why we celebrate it? We are on the verge of undermining  the very essence of the reason it was declared, freedom from foreign interference and the right to control our own destiny without some foreigners telling us what to do.

 We fought the Revolutionary war, the war of 1812 to rid us of British control. We fought World War I and World War II to save us from German and Nazi control. We fought the cold war with the USSR to keep us from communism’s control,  and a hot war in Viet Nam. and Korea, too. But now, there is a very significant body of voters who do not care, welcome it because it helps their cause,  or are in denial of evidence that  Russians effectively interfered in the 2016 presidential election to help Donald Trump win.

. Only 43% of Republicans polled  in January  2018  believed Russians interfered in the 2016 elections.. A plurality of all voters surveyed  by Yougov in June 2018  called the Independent Counsel Mueller investigation  into Trump campaign ties with Russia  a  ""politically motivated witch hunt." Per  a Navigator research poll  May, 23, 2018,  59% of Americans did not know that Mueller has already obtained five guilty pleas and 17 criminal indictments. His final report has not been issued nor  has his indictment activities been completed. 

 Every director of our intelligence agencies  now  and previously in  office is warning us about  what Russia is doing to interfere in our election process, and is continuing to do so. It is the old divide and conquer strategy, using modern techniques and  technology, social media, the internet,  and disinformation to  intensify ethnic and racial hatred and political divisions within  a country. They hope to weaken western style democracies. Why?  Russia's reasoning: it would increase Russia's power and help them reestablish  control of  neighbors .Putin sees his national interests as threatened  or blocked by  expansion of  NATO and economic alliances and he supports  those who oppose such alliances. He views western democracies as weak and vulnerable to his manipulations.  There is plenty of evidence that Russia also interfered in recent European elections and the Brexit vote using the same techniques they employed to interfere in the US 2016 elections. 

Russian techniques and methods  were detailed publicly  in Mueller's indictment of thirteen Russians and organizations who conducted  active measures to interfere in the 2016 campaign. In summary, here is how they did it:  Russians  posed as Americans to operate bogus social media accounts, buy advertisements and stage political rallies. They stole the identities of real people in the US to post online and built computer systems in the US to hide the Russian origin of their activity. Tweets , false stories, and ads were  carefully targeted to those they identified as gullible and then retweeted, shared,  and resent  to millions in our country by unsuspecting US citizens who thought they seemed plausible and substantiated  to their own views. Their techniques were clever, cheap, and effective.  For those who would like to "consider the source" as a way to dismiss these charges and evidence , I challenge them to read the text of the indictments themselves at           .
It will be very illuminating.
As always, sources and reports are footnoted and listed at



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