Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Administration's cure for wildfires: open up public lands to logging

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke appearing in Steamboat Springs did recognize that warming was occurring and causing drying and longer seassons, but said that he had to manage forests regardless of the cause of global warming.  https://www.skyhinews.com/news/zinke-angry-people-dont-want-to-look-at-the-truth/

However, he also thought managing meant opening up federal forestest to logging and that the way to prevent wildfires was to cut trees . Zinke " blasted environmental groups for blocking or curbing logging operations on public lands.
“The public lands belong to everybody,
not just the special interest groups,” he said,
The Sacramento Bee reported."
:Zinke is one of many science deniers in the Trump cabinet.
The word global warming/climate change is prohibited in the White House
so they have to come up with dumb ideas like this or claim the Carr fire
cannot be foughtbecause of no water. (reservoirs are full).
There is a certain logic: no trees: no wildfires
 For the list of science deniers in the Trump adminstration
(3% of scientists agree with them on global warming),
Federal money has helped pay for cutting trees around areas
of urban/suburban developments to form firebreaks, making those
vulnerable areas of urban interface able to be defended by firefighters
and it has been very effective in saving a subdivision in Silverthorn
and in Grand Lake. Extensive firebreaks have been built
around Winter Park/Fraser. The logging operations have created jobs
around the county, though extensive logging in public lands
is a very different purpose and impact.

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