Thursday, September 6, 2018

25th Amendment has been discussed from early in the Trump administration

A year ago, the 25th Ameindment was openly and widely  discussed as a way to remove President Trump from office, so much so, I wrote a column on the prospects,  which was as true then as it is today.
Update: 9/21/18 within the context of the discussion of the 25th Amendment...and
Update: 9/11/2018
Omarosa said the 25th was a topic of discussion then, as well.
Once again in the wake of the series of books and a New York Times anymous op-ed  about the White House chaos and the President's unfitness to occupy the Oval Office the 25th Amendment is a topic of public discourse.

Here is what was published  published in the Sky Hi News September 13, 2017. "The left’s dream is  that Donald Trump will be impeached.   Reasons I suspect are mostly politically stop  Trump’ agenda of dismantling the Obama legacy,  his racism,  or a contempt for his persona. Alone these are not  the “high crimes and misdemeanors” standard for impeachment in the Constitution. Whether he is fit to serve refers to the 25th Amendment and the process to determine fitness..  Former  Director of National Intelligence  James Clapper added gravitas to the  impeachment movement when he questioned Trump’s fitness, calling Trump’s Phoenix  post Charlottesville divisive   speech “downright scary and disturbing”. . Heavyweight Democratic leaders have differed from impeachment advocates.  In August  Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D) California   proposed “ patience” for Donald Trump to learn  and  said  he could  become a “good “ president..  David Axelrod,  former Obama adviser, opined  that with  30% plus  of voters still supporting Trump, an attempt to impeach him could be viewed as a  bloodless  coup  and a danger to the constitutional process. In June, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi told impeachment talkers to “calm down” and wait for “solid proof”.  That makes sense. . The   most credible proof of misdeeds  or exoneration is Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s  investigation of the Russian connection. Any sabotaging of  the investigation by Trump or the GOP should be fought tooth and nail."

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