Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Kavanaugh...a virgin choir boy?

What puzzles me is that at the beginning of the Dr. Ford accusations, Kavanaugh did not
simply say, look, I do not deny that I did many things when I was in high school and college, but once I 
got my act together, I am proud of the life I have led since. 
 What I do note that at no time did Kavanaugh express empathy or sympathy of the victims of sexual
abuse and violence nor would his backers and he even  try to get to the truth with an independent FBI investigation.
What will happen next, as Kavanaugh did last night on Fox was to appear on TV as a virgin choir boy in a culture of that
time in the prep school/college era of alcohol and partying. That one will be increasingly countered by many who were
part of his peer group also appearing on TV attesting to Kavanaugh's bad behavior.
. Even if Grassley and McConnell manage to engineer Senate confirmation of Kavanaugh to the Court, the controversy
will be fed into the November elections and will become part of the discussion in 2020. Where the GOP is in danger is
appearing as the "male party" in a time when of #MeToo and a president they support who was the role model for bad
male behavior. The GOP forgets that the treatment of Anita Hill, even better treated than Dr Ford because the FBI background check was permitted, resulted in a large number of Democratic women winning the next election cycle and the passage of the violence against women act. That backlash will not only increase Democratic turnout in November, it will continue well into 2020.





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