Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Impeachment to date in tweet form

Democrat’s case
Trump did it. He tried to cheat in secret to help his 2020 re-election campaign. His own words and first-hand witnesses testified he used Congressionally approved taxpayer money to coerce a desperate ally fighting Russia to help Trump's re-election in 2020. He invited foreign interference in the 2020 elections to help his re-election. Trump was caught in the act and the scheme was aborted..

Trump claimed he was fighting Ukraine corruption, but only mentioned Bidens. Ambassador Sondland, one of the three Amigos running the scheme, confirmed Trump "did not give a s...t about Ukraine, but cared about "big stuff" meaning investigations into Bidens and: Ukraine, not Russia hacked the DNC.

What did Trump know; when he froze the military aid to Ukraine? Per sworn testimony, the order was given directly to the Office of Budget and Management as early as July 18, a week before July 25 shakedown call with the Ukraine president and the official order was issued the evening of July 25. Because a violation of law was involved, two OMB officials refused to sign off on the freeze, resigned, and were replaced by Trump loyalists.
What did Trump know when he released the military aid to Ukraine? Two days before the release of aid,, the Whistleblower complaint was released to Congress and the public, but at the end of August White House attorneys told Trump about the Whistleblower complaint. Zelensky by then had agreed to comply with Trump's favors he asked, to announce publicly the investigations into Bidens and 2016, arranged an interview with CNN, and canceled it with the release of the aid. Ukraine and Amb. Sondland knew aid was dependent on Ukraine's compliance to announce the investigations by the end of August.

Trump knew and approved the scheme.Trump ordered the suspension of military aid week before July25 telephone call where he listed favors and referred Ukraine president to Guiliani. Guiliani said he was working for Trump. Amb. Sondland reported updates to Trump and said all were in the loop.

All US intelligence agencies, 125 pages of Mueller report, and Senate bipartisan committee report provide proof Russia, not Ukraine interfered in the 2016 elections. Russia intelligence services invented conspiracy theory Ukraine did it. Joe Biden advocated more vigorous prosecution of Ukraine's corruption, not less. Amb. Sondland testifies Trump only wanted Ukraine to announce investigations, not conduct them.

Trump emboldens Russian aggression, giving them a green light to exert control over Ukraine and other countries since they fear little resistance from the US. He does not care an expletive about Ukraine but how they could help his re-election. He promotes and repeats Russian propaganda and trusts Russian sources instead of US intelligence services and bi-partisan Senate committee findings.

We cannot trust Trump to look after ours or the nation's interests because he cares less for our national security than he does for his own political security. Trump lies to the public often. He uses fear of reprisals and tweets to intimidate opposition and claims he is above the law to get his way both in foreign affairs and domestic policy.

White House refused to respond to subpoenas and obstructs justice by keeping administration officials with first-hand knowledge to produce documents and to testify. Still civil service and military and Amb. Sondland as first-hand witnesses testified.

If GOP Senators acquit him, they are complicit and give present and future presidents the green light to do it, too.

GOP’s case
He did wrong, but not wrong enough to justify impeachment or removal.

The military was unfrozen; no investigations in Biden or 2016. No harm, no foul.

President released aid because Ukraine president agreed to investigate Bidens and 2016 and announce it publicly.

July 25 telephone call: perfect, nothing to see there.

Guiliani did it, not Trump.

No one knows if Ukraine didn't hack the DNC server.

Trump only wanted to fight corruption in Ukraine but only mentioned Bidens. GOP 
opens investigation Joe Biden’s connections with Ukraine to verify the theory.

We need to check first to see if Ukraine interfered in 2016, not Russia. Who knows what happened. No one does.

President is more credible than anyone else in government. Everyone who disagrees with Donald Trump is a Never Trumper and not loyal. Professional diplomats and intelligence officials have hidden agendas or are mistaken. Trump is God’s chosen one.

All evidence presented in hearings was hearsay.
Democrats have been out to impeach Trump since he was elected.
Impeachment is an illegal act; it is a coup….so
Members of the executive branch should not obey or comply with Congressional subpoenas.
The executive branch has the power to defy all Congressional subpoenas. Executive branch has absolute immunity.
All excutive branch testifiers can claim executive privilege.

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