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Trump's political commissars : How mind control works in his war against science.

Updated: 9/17-21/20 

Our family's experience with dictator mind controllers were those who were at college-age in the early days in Communist Yugoslavia with Josef Tito as the dictator. There always had been a commissar circulating among the students making sure that whatever was said or thought conformed with the ideology and orders of the upline.. Not only did they tell students what the current line was of the day, those students who were cheeky enough to speak or indicate independent thought could have their academic careers curtailed or worse. This is what happens in a dictatorship.

Back in the communist era in the USSR and also in Nazi Germany, there was a political commissar in charge of making sure thoughts, words, and deeds conformed to the political leader or party line, throughout their society. Now, in the Trump administration, it appears there are informal commissars who make scientific reports curtailed, rewritten, or buried, particularly when it comes to mortality figures of COVID regardless of scientific findings or the effectiveness of masks and the timing of the availability of immunizations. We may not yet have a dictatorship, but our wannabe autocrat, Donald Trump, is showing the same tendencies to act as others before him did.  

  What Trump is doing is even more insidious than either Stalin or Tito because both of these mid-20th-century communists appeared to believe in their own ideology, but Trump believed one thing and told his followers to believe something else.

In the last century, political ideology was used to make science conform to the Marxist ideology of dialectic materialism and the belief of their godfather leader, Josef Stalin. The same attack on science also happened in Yugoslavia where my husband to be was a medical student. He had to parrot back in his oral exams the State approved theory of Lysenko that rejected natural selection in biology and instead dwelt on the engineering of grafting and other methods of activist interference that validated dialectic materialism, even though he thought it was hocus pocus. Thirty years before that, Nazis had embraced eugenics and phrenology to rationalize the inferiority of non-Aryans, paving the way for guilt-free extermination of Jews, gypsies, and eventually even Slavs in the future.. Science eventually ruled and both fascism and Marxism died along with those regimes. That is what happens in dictatorships.

It is also happening in the Trump administration. A recent flap concerned "Antifa", which the right-leaning media and the Trump administration has set up as the organization to fear, angry black people violently demonstrating. He appointed two acting heads of the Department of Homeland Security to echo his own personal views making the case that Antifa was an organization that organized the  Portland riots. Only FOX reported that DHS had found evidence that Antifa organized the Portland violence.  The DHS leadership has little credibility, led by political cohorts of the president that were never confirmed by the Senate.   The FBI is more trustworthy. and their director  of the FBI testified under oath Sept 17 said that Antifa was an ideology, not an organization.   Earlier findings were also that no one from Antifa had been charged in those demonstrations, as were also concluded in the George Floyd riots. It is also noted that Joe Biden condemns violence from either the right or the left and considers violent riots not to be protests, but just that: riots.

 Now, in the Trump administration, it appears there are informal commissars who make scientific reports curtailed, rewritten, or buried, particularly when it comes to mortality figures of COVID regardless of scientific findings. Bob Woodward's recently released book RAGE was very disturbing in that Donald Trump was neither ignorant nor unfocused about the deadliness of COVID 19, and he wilfully kept that information from the American public because he didn't want to "panic" them (or Wall Street). I wonder how many believed Trump's line and refused to wear a mask or socially distancing themselves in a sign of loyalty to Trump or blind belief he spoke the truth...and consequently became victims of COVID. They were the suckers of a diabolical con man. A study released in late May traced the spread of most COVID infections to counties in the US which had voted strongly for Trump in 2016 found that counties that voted overwhelmingly for Trump in 2016 had a higher rate of COVID infections than the national experience. The study did not say why, but from the pages of social media, at that time mask-wearing was the badge of Democrats and Trump loyalists followed their great leader and shunned masks.  I recall an interview of residents of the huge retirement in Florida, The Villages, where you could tell who was a Democrat because Democrats wore masks. Republicans did not. .

  That commissar control over the CDC is going on until this very day: 9/21. . The commissars won. The person appointed to make sure the CDC and HHS deliver reports that supported..Twice the White House authored guidelines regarding testing for COVID under the name of the CDC but it was never edited or had the approval of its scientists. . In spite of con man Trump, vaccines will not be available until mid-2021 to the general public. What happened to CDC Robert  Redfield? Maybe the political commissar of the CDC had to take leave due to his mental problems...Caputo went bye-bye" Michael R. Caputo told a Facebook audience without evidence that left-wing hit squads were being trained for insurrection and accused C.D.C. scientists of “sedition.” per the NY Times. and Redfield also had the spine to contradict con man Trump and then say contrary to him..masks are even better than vaccines in controlling COVID. My God...the CDC is trying to save its credibility. Wonder how long it will be before Trump fires him. Trump retorted:;"Redfield was confused. He gave wrong information  Maybe he misunderstood the question" In response, Redfield tweeted: wear a mask, social distancing, etc. The war has become Con Man Trump v science. Science won that battle: the guidelines were reversed 9/18/20

Another CDC change in their analysis of the spread of COVID happened 9/20/20.  It is born mostly by airborne particles that can stay in the air and can infect people more than 6 ft. away in certain situations. .  This has implications for indoor, large group gatherings unmasked, which Trump relishes.Per the CDC "There is growing evidence that droplets and airborne particles can remain suspended in the air and be breathed in by others and travel distances beyond six feet (for example, during choir practice, in restaurants or in fitness classes)."

Per Yahoo News: "Experts on aerosols and the coronavirus said the change constitutes a profound shift in the understanding of how the virus that has claimed almost 200,000 lives in the United States spreads.  Previously, the federal health agency had said the coronavirus spreads mainly between people within about six feet of one another and through direct propulsion of exhaled droplets that land in the noses and mouths of individuals nearby. The CDC also said — and still says — that people may become infected by touching something that has the virus on it and then touching their mouth, nose or eyes, but that touch is not the main way it spreads."

However, this posting from the CDC, released on a Friday, 9/20 was taken down on the next Monday as a "posting made by mistake"  What triggered this embarrassment is thought to be the World Health Organization challenging their data or lack of it.  However, Trump's secretary HHS Alex Azar announced he was taking over the FDA rulemaking 9/21 .This could also be the reason the CDC under HHS and Azar again reversed itself for not being in lockstep with Trump. It could also be an administrative screwup.  We will know when their "revision of the revision" is released.

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Trump loyalists at the Health and Human Services Department have been exerting influence on the Centers for Disease Control’s weekly reports on all disease outbreaks, the coronavirus and beyond.

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