Monday, October 26, 2020

Trump: the Bernie Madoff of politics. Those who trust him are his victims

 A con man is an abbreviation of a confidence man...who depends on those who trust him to rip off someone successfully. Donald Trump's victims are those who trust him the most...those who attend his COVID super spreader rallies, and especially those over 65 in the Florida Villages retirement developments.80% of deaths from COVID are in that demographic. Bernie Madoff before Trump likewise used his religious cohorts and Florida golf club acquaintances to victimize with his fraudulent investment scheme.. He first got their trust and then used them for his purposes, just as Donald Trump has done to demonstrate there is nothing to fear from COVID. Go ahead and consider mask-wearing the mark of his political opponents he insinuates (except for those behind the podium) and he revels at the thousands in the audience who appear shoulder to shoulder shouting their "lock him up" "lock her up" chants in his rallies. Trump may not verbally be practicing herd immunity, but the guinea pigs are his own most loyal followers, who he does not really care about their health, only the successful demonstration of what great political strength the con man in chief wants to convey to media


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