Monday, November 16, 2020

Georgia on my mind. The Senate runoffs will determine the fate of so much

So much depends upon what happens in Georgia's Senate runoffs. I have a daughter who is still paying off her student loan and two grandchildren who are facing the burden after graduation. Here is what we could expect from a Biden administration...but only if the Senate turns blue. That latter clause is true for any of Biden's promises. Assuming the ACA survives the 6-3 Supreme Court, even extending Medicare to age 60 depends on what happens in Georgia's runoff for two senate seats. If you had been counting on COVID individual relief and propping up state and local governments, tyrant Trump will play golf until January 20 and the extent of the stimulus and relief will wait until the new administration and the Senate balance unless somehow the lame ducks in DC get some guts needed to buck a vengeful Trump still with his finger on the Twitter send button.

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