Thursday, November 19, 2020

Tyrannical Trump's last stand and democracy is winning

Updated ;11/21/20

Trump summoned the Michigan GOP members of their state legislature to the White House on November 20 in order to persuade them to choose pro-Trump electors who do not reflect the popular vote of the state. It was Tyrannical Trump's last stand. It is democracy's stand as well and it looks like it, and the rule of law, are the winners so far... It takes guts to be brave and to tell a tyrant president no, especially one who governs by fear of a tweet or threatens a primary next election cycle. .Even more despicable are death threats that seem to be the modus operandi of violent trumpists who disagree with any secretary of state or election official elsewhere this year. Just ask the Secretary of State of Georgia what that is like..and he is a Republican. Or ask the Michigan governor and state officials, too, whose plots to kill them were thwarted by the FBI.

Trump's attempt to get Michigan's lawmakers to send Trump electors to the Electoral College failed. Meeting with him in the White House on 11/20, they gave him a lesson on the process and "found no reason" yet of fraud or the vote total would change. In short, they told him "no" as a group in a diplomatic way but left the door open to keep on looking for fraud as if recounts and audits would find the 20,000 frauds. On November 23, Michigan's certification board certified the election and Biden won. End of that Michigan vote-stealing strategy. Georgia's Secretary of State, Brad Raffensperger 11/20 certified the Biden win in their state and stood bravely on principle in spite of death threats and White House pressure. He said "no", though he was a proud supporter of Trump., while saying "Numbers don't lie" . Monday, 11/23 was Pennsylvania's certification day but some counties were not finished and the votes they possessed were not enough to make a difference. Two other court challenges elsewhere would not change the vote outcome in their states. A Pennsylvania district court judge threw out the Trump case in a "scathing ruling" on November 21..On November 23, the Penn state Supreme Coourt rejected Trump's suit to not count certain absentee ballots. The last lawsuit pending was tossed out by the judge in Arizona. In their illogic, they are asking only votes for one candidate for one office, except that the votes for GOP statewide downballot candidates would be thrown out, too. The Republican statewide candidates often did better than Trump did and even picked up House seats and kept control of state governments as before Nov.3. . In their racist bent, some Trumpsters are only asking for recounts in counties where there are many African Americans. who overwhelmingly supported Biden. In their desperate attempt to stay in power, Trumpists, Trump and his enablers are trashing the very definition of a successful democracy ....the faith in the vote of the people. .Now, given the venue, this is what the once Grand Old Party is coming to. At the sweat dripping press conference on November 19, at Republican headquarters in Washington DC, Rudy Guiliani's backup of attorneys laid out their purpose to "overturn the vote'" result in spite of the over 6 million margins with which Biden won the popular vote. and 306 electoral. votes.

Months before election day, Trump had laid the groundwork to claim fraud, that if he lost, it was because Democrats rigged the election. Now that he lost, he tried to rig the vote outcome to self fulfill his prophecy. Like the choreographed ballet planned for Swan Lake, their dancing continued though the music has changed to Wagner's opera music, Götterdämmerung, while the choreography was still the one for Swan Lake. Trump's plot to thwart the vote against him might have been more likely to succeed if the size and scope of Trump's defeat had not been so large and in such a large number of states. It is also darn near impossible to make a case before a judge without any evidence of fraud that thousands of votes should be thrown in the trash, or that a few clerical errors would change an outcome. Trump's lawyers tried the impossible and failed. The reason: no evidence has been found.. So far getting judges to toss out votes has failed in every court, and the federal judge in Pennsylvania ruled that appeals could not be made and the Penn state supreme court rejected another appeal.. It now would take several state legislatures to appoint a slate of electors who would defy their state's popular vote, not just one or two states, given the large margin of Biden's win and electoral count, There would need to be 40 electors defying the popular votes and state laws to overturn the 2020 election and sabotaging the various state certifications of election results was the strategy to accomplish this and give GOP dominated state legislatures a basis the strip American's votes from Biden.. The last state to have certified the vote outcome is December 1, and by December 8 per Federal law, governors must sign and provide the names of electors which end Don Quixote Guiliani's frivolous court suit season. The electoral college vote takes place on December 14.

The fallout, however, will not end. There will always be hard-core Trumpists who will "believe "they was robbed",, will keep on looking. and believing this to justify their anti-democracy extremism. They will continue the search for their leader, a wannabe autocrat/dictator who could rule by fear and iron fist on their behalf, and no one else's, and the rule of laws and the Constitution be damned.

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.. . It appears that the GOP pre-planned moves were based on a theory that the electoral count be would be dependent on a single state, as it did in Bush v Gore in Florida and there needed to flip only one or two states that voted for Biden substituting them with Trump electors. Should the resulting suit land in the Supreme Court, that contingency plan was made more possible by a stroke of luck, the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, and the lightning replacement of her seat with a person Trump thought in his transactional mafia-like mind would vote his way in his belief that the new justice would owe him one. So far judges in lower courts whether appointed by Democrats or Republicans, have rejected suits to overturn the vote brought to them byTrump's cohorts because they were claiming fraud without evidence or they asked the judge to throw the votes out because of some baseless technicality. . The exception is now his last use threats and the fear of Trump tweets to force electors to be in defiance to the popular count in their states and vote for Trump in the Electoral College when their state's majority popular vote went for Biden. The Trumpsters are also buying time by screwing up the certification process to pull off such a strategy of sabotaging the electoral college process. If it should happen, expect there to be a court suit slugfest. In a press conference on November 19, Biden did not rule out court action.

Trump has been somewhat successful with convincing his base for now that the claims of fraud are legitimate. Over 70% of Americans polled believe Biden won, but the other third is Foxated, believing Trump media that Trump won, conveying the message of conspiracy theories and charges of intentional criminal irregularities. Half of Republicans still believe the Democrats rigged the election by fraud. For some of these true believers, facts, data, evidence and supporting the democratic process, the rule of law, hold no meaning and they will likely carry to their graves a belief Trump was robbed. OnlyTrump's words count. Fortunately for the continuation of the oldest democracy in the world, they are not the majority. The lasting negative fall out of the post-election day attempt to overturn the vote will be a minority body of antidemocratic forces always nipping at the heels of democracy, looking for a dictator/strong man that will carry out their will., and no one else's.

There may be a beneficial result if this attack on the vote integrity of the electoral college fails. I can imagine more pressure then to eliminate the electoral college system in favor of the direct election of the president based on the national popular vote. The electoral college has a weakness that was exposed in 2020. The electoral college can be exploited in the future to do what a tyrant like Trump is trying to do, to thwart the will of the people. Some have called this maneuver a "coup" like those stunts attempted in banana republics by tinpot dictators desperate to stay in power.. Even if the Electoral College is not replaced by popular demand, there will certainly be a retooling of state elector laws and election certification processes and increased penalties for such misbehavior..

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