Sunday, December 13, 2020

Trump's attempted coup by court has gone down in flames, as did the reputation of the GOP

12/13/20 Trump's attempted coup by court went down in flames Friday and Saturday, as did the reputation of the GOP.
On Friday the Supreme Court ruled against even hearing an attempted Texas suit against four other states that had certified their votes and Biden won. This was part of Trump's strategy to conduct a coup by court. Over one hundred Trump fawning members of the House had signed on to that bit of Texas foolery. Saturday a federal district judge also dismissed the attempt to overthrow Wisconsin's majority vote for Biden. Those who signed onto the Texas suit, including most of the GOP affiliated states attorneys general.. watched it go down in flames Friday at the hands of their own GOP and Trump appointed dominated Supreme Court. Those signers onto the Texas suit had just approved the strategy of tossing out the votes of the people they assumed had voted for Biden. Tyrant Trump had told them he was putting those who voted for the Texas suit on his list, checking it twice to see who was naughty and nice. Fools or cowards,. all of them. That vote for president was. conducted without any evidence of fraud and it was adjudicated as such. Trump cohorts' suits to throw out votes on any pretext were dismissed by at least 37 other federal courts of law, inducing two that made it to the Supreme Court. The GOP will now deserve the reputation of the anti-democracy party which can only win by trashing the rule law, as well as tossing out any vote by those they do not like.

The two Supreme Court justices who did not join in to dismiss the Texas case made it clear they approved of the procedural right to bring the suit, but disapproved of the substance of the case. For those who take comfort in that, you would have lost in any case if a SCOTUS vote had ever happened. 

2/22/2021 Supreme Court rejects final Trump bid to nullify 2020 election results | TheHill

The idiocy of the substance if it were upheld means the precedence would have been set for Texas to sue Colorado for having years of universal mail-in voting. Their case: would have to be on the basis that Texas was harmed someway. Perhaps it was because they opposed the electoral college vote results and all Colorado's mail-in ballots de facto were fraudulent?

Tommy Tuberville Suggests He Will Join Mo Brooks in Challenging Joe Biden's Electoral Win (

Chants and violence of the Proud Boys, the damage to Black churches in DC the other day got it really wrong. They termed this as a "stop the steal", march. The real attempted robbery of the presidential vote was their hero, Donald Trump, and his cohorts. Trump's lawyers announced their goals publicly to overthrow the election results. and they filed over 50 lawsuits in their attempt overtly to throw out enough votes of African Americans in four states to stage a coup by court. They lost. In his mob mentality of expected favors of his appointees to be returned, Trump must have been furious when his three appointees to the Supreme Court voted twice to reject his attempts to overturn the election. To further the attempted robbery, the newly elected Senator from Alabama, that great football coach Tommy Tuberville,, has announced he will try to throw the final step in the election process into chaos by sponsoring actions that will force a vote on certification by Congress of the Electoral College. He is doing it .in defiance of even Mitch McConnell, his head coach of the Senate red team. Let us see how long that rooky gets to play in Mitch's big game. Tuberville is doomed to failure since both Houses of Congress must approve his move and the defending team of the House is solidly blue. Tuberville is the one who thought the team members we were fighting in World War II were socialists, not Nazis.

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