Sunday, January 17, 2021

Polls: 74% of registered Republicans now define what the GOP has become; updated 4/621

 This poll says a bunch about the GOP....They are now the party of white power, autocracy, incompetence, blind loyalty, willful ignorance, passive and active approval of mob violence, and the opposite of what the founders of our country envisioned for America. I used to appreciate the GOP for being the loyal opposition and with rational debate and the self-interest of their constituents in mind. I did not always agree, but at least I understood. At times I was part of the loyal opposition, but I never felt the foundations of democracy were in jeopardy. We may have disagreed on public policy issues, but I had never doubted their respect for American democracy and the Constitution. Most of those pledging allegiance to the GOP are no longer the loyal opposition or those that guided the country with respect to our democratic system. Per the NBC poll, " 35 percent of voters — including 74 percent of Republicans but just 30 percent of independents and 3 percent of Democrats — believe President-elect Joe Biden did not win the election legitimately." That kind of partisan irrationality does not deserve respect. Where's the proof or the evidence of "the steal"? Where's the beef? Even Trump's loyal attorney general said there was no evidence of widespread fraud. The Trump supporters had every reason and opportunity to present evidence in those 50 court cases, and they did not. 80 judges of every affiliation demanded evidence, not theories, tossed out their theories, and their attorneys. It is a mind-boggling denial of reality. What I do understand is that this is the ultimate evidence that their fealty is to a person, not to the loyalty of law, facts, or the Constitution.

CNN poll: 9/15/21 CNN Poll: Most Americans feel democracy is under attack in the US - CNNPolitics

This large chunk of GOP voters has lost their blithering minds collectively. This 74% who believe that there was a "steal" is more than just a matter of ignorance. It was the entire "rationale" for motivating mob violence at the Capitol. It was their banner. It is what their President told them in inciting them on January 6. It was their justification for public consumption for their actions. Aside from the violent actors who heard their fuhrer told them to do it, the mass of the GOP voters polled still believe what their fuhrer said because only he and the Trump media tell the truth. So long as that number of voters in a primary or in a ruby red state or district believe it, there will never be "unity" in this country because even their representatives know better, they like to be re-elected. Only a few have shown any profiles in courage. Instead, this is mass think of so many who believes "what if.", "it could have happened", "I heard this someplace", 'makes sense to me because it was probable or possible" and "I agree with those with which I agree", "it fits my belief that African Americans will cheat to win", so therefore it is "true"." " It is a fact that Biden is not elected legitimately, so we do not have to respect him". It is that groupthink that will be the barrier Biden must hurdle. Fortunately for US democracy, this group is in the minority, per the polls. Updated: April 6, 2021...even then, 51% of Republicans believe the Jan.6 riots were mostly peaceful. That attitude is still the greatest threat to democracy. Half of Republicans believe false narratives about the Capitol riot, poll says | Business Insider India

Mass psychology as a subject of studies and for years it will also me a subjject of books and doctoral dissertations for years to come as academics try to explain this Trumpist movement. It certainly played a role in the rise of fascism. The Mass Psychology of Fascism by Wilhelm Reich

Mob Mentality in the Digital Age Increases Likelihood You Will Do Evil | Observer

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