Tuesday, February 16, 2021

GOP doubles their jeopardy in 2022

 With hopes to regain control of the House and the Senate in 2022, the GOP is in danger of committing political malpractice.  With 58% of Americans believing Trump should have been convicted,(Impeachment trial solidified views on Trump conviction: POLL - ABC News (go.com) and 68% of those polled support Biden's Covid relief legislation, this portends GOP losses in general elections in 2022. If they continue to vilify and censor those in their party who voted to convict and instead put forth Trump loyalists as candidates, I can see the political ads now. However, when it comes to impact on everyday lives, COVID relief votes will have an even greater impact, with polls showing overwhelming support registering 68% percent. If the Trumpsters in the GOP continue to play team loyalty above all as a package plan,, and support acquittal plus oppose COVID relief, that will be their doubled jeopardy in the upcoming general elections.

If I were a Democratic strategist, I would cheer on the GOP civil war. Their house divided is weakened and fractured.. However, as an American who supports truth-telling, a political system that supports the ballot box untampered by terror, fear, hate, and suppression,, to choose our leaders we want,, and a peaceful transfer of power, we can only hope the forces who support Trump are defeated in future general elections. Trump is a threat to the essence of our democratic system That is the case Democrats can and should make:.

The other case Democrats can and should make is that even after a month in office, Biden's administrative competence priorities, and results contrast with the Trump policies of downplaying the COVID 19 danger, framing it as a political instead of a scientific issue, and employing less than effective methods of combatting it. We now can see what Trump could have done better, but did not do.

What appears to be happening now, is that the pro-democracy forces in significant numbers are fleeing the GOP, post-January 6 changing their registration to independent or Democrat, leaving the Trumpists as the registered Republicans determining who will win their primaries.  They will then meet the buzz saw of independents and Democrats and those remaining registered GOP but split tickets or vote Democrat in the general elections in states and districts where elections are won and lost by narrow margins.   In Colorado, 4000 after February 1 left the GOP.. In Arizona, 5000 left. The same phenomenon in just the past few weeks is happening in Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Maryland, and Florida.  The GOP organizations in their states may show an overwhelming percentage of those left in their party still support Trumpism and they censor and purge those who do not, but the percentage of their shrunken base means fewer votes in a general election.  

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Mitch McConnell may be calling it as I see it: if the Trumpists win their primaries, they would be unelectable in key swing states and result in further GOP losses in the House and the Senate in 2022.


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