Monday, February 1, 2021

Protest events in Russia are a warning to Trumpists updated March 1.2021

So, lovers of autocracy and anti-Constitutionalist, haters of peaceful transfers of power in government, here is what happens when the economy cools, disillusionment sets in and there is no way to oust a dictator/autocrat. except to take to the streets. Protest events in Russia are a warning. Careful what you wish, aiders and abetters of Trumpism. What you support now, may come back and bite you where it hurts later This is kind of regime change attempts we see in Russia is particularly difficult to accomplish when the dictator controls media and lies through his teeth about election outcomes, Trump wanted to take us there.

Update March 1, 2021
Here is what happens in an autocracy. today.. when the dear leader controls the press, judiciary, legislature, and power. This is a message to devotees of Trumpism and those excusing Jan 6, a power takeover attempt by Trump and his militia/domestic terrorists of the government to remain in power in spite of a popular vote against him. Those who have a beef against the autocrat for whatever reason, in this case, leaders of corruption charges against Putin, get either poisoned or sent to a gulag. In Navalny's case: both. In olden days, we called such leaders fascists if they came from the right-wing of the political spectrum and communist dictators if they came from the far left. In any case, once the autocrat consolidates power, they are nearly impossible to unseat peacefully. Trump wanted a second term to complete his consolidation of power in the judiciary, legislative, and law enforcement power centers...he began it in his first term, but he had not yet finished the task of setting up the kind of government he advocated and so admired, one which more resembled Putin's. The followers to which he appealed shared his goals are equally responsible for an attempt to replace government by the people and the rule of law with rule by a person, Trump, who thumbed his nose at the Constitution and the popular vote.


Trump made a beginning down that path with lies about election fraud and convincing a major part of the country that all reports except FOX and Murdoch funded media were fake news. His and his attorney's stated goal post-November 3 was to overturn the election so he could have a second term. He tried to reverse the election first through court action (losing all but one court case), and then through violent intimidation with the help of what the FBI called domestic terrorists, organizations which he had often called "patriots" and "some fine people". He urged those actors on January 6 to march on the Capitol and" fight" at the very moment Congress was voting on validating certification of the election. His election fraud lies gave fuel, rationale, or pretense to " stop the steal" for the violent insurgents to act as they did. Letting him off the hook without any significant repercussions will only encourage future, more clever wannabe dictators to try it again. Democracy just survived a close call. If we have learned anything from January 6 and the Russian experience, we cannot just assume it will go on automatically forever. Once lost, it is hard to get back.

The protests in Russia are more than about "free Navalny", but wider issues are also sparking the demonstrators. Russia’s Economic Slump Erodes Consensus That Shielded Putin - The New York Times (  While the Russian constitution permits peaceful protests, and it appears this was, the police crackdown on them was violent. Without an independent judiciary to enforce the provisions of a constitution, rights have little meaning in a dictatorship. Without investigative reporters and a media controlled by Putin and friends, Navalny assumed that role of investigation and exposed epic corruption. The Putin palace was documented on film by Navalny's associates. That is the kind of sin that nearly got him killed by poison and now has landed him in jail, sparking the demonstrations. Demonstrators waved toilet bowl brushes as a symbol of Putin's corruption since Navalny's expose of the extravagant lifestyle of oligarchs and Putin per Navalny was the ultra-expensive brushes Navalny pictured. ..  Without the Navalny's in this world, the absolute power of a dictator corrupts absolutely and the people governed would have no idea. 

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