Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Trump's classic defense deflated

Rev: 10/31/19
In the House impeachment inquiry, facts are emerging that the administration has not found ways to refute. While the texts of the depositions have not yet been made public, witnesses have released their opening statements that support the Whistleblower’s complaint. There is already credible evidence that Trump’s drive on behalf of his political interests trumped national security interests, misusing US bi-partisan supported foreign military aid programs for his re-election campaign personal political gain. He did not use that pressure to advance national security interests. In fact, he betrayed an established national security policy. His responses were classic Trump: deny, divert, define, defame, delay, deride, deceive, and deplore disloyalty to Donald Trump himself.

We have impeached or nearly impeached presidents for lying about his role in the robbery of a political party headquarters and for lying about whether he had sex with an intern. If demanding foreign interference in elections, damaging national security, and defiance of Congressional powers granted by the Constitution are not worthy of impeachment, what is?

You will hear Democrats charging Trump was working against our national security interests. US official policy that arose when Russia invaded and grabbed the Crimea part of Ukraine and then undertook an active war to grab a nearby Ukraine province. American foreign policy has been to keep Ukraine from falling into Russian hands. Ukraine is the first line of defense in stopping Russian incursions in the Baltics, Poland, and Moldova. The US would not like to engage in another war, hot or cold, in Europe again. Been there, done that.

The impeachment inquiry and even administration members’ admissions so far confirm Donald Trump had tried to pressure the new Ukraine president to help his 2020 campaign. Unable to dispute the facts and substance, his defense has evolved to a classical Trump operating procedure and diversions.
1. When his loyal supporters and he do not have the facts on their side, attack the process as unfair to divert attention from the substance and facts.
2. When the process argument was partially answered by Pelosi’s rules changes, testimony now moves to the public arena from behind closed doors where it has been held..... Both parties have equal time to cross-examine in the public inquiry stage and call witnesses. when it moves to the Judiciary Committee. The full-blown trial will take place in the Senate if the House votes for impeachment. As process arguments fade, left to the GOP is to try to destroy the credibility of the witnesses by defaming and attributing to witnesses’ unproven motivations.
3. Define patriotism as being loyal to him. FYI, Donald Trump. Pledging allegiance to the Republic is not the same as pledging allegiance to the Trump.
4.. Deride,defame, his critics and witnesses as “Never-Trumpers”, “scum” “traitor” “a spy” and claim any investigation into his suspected misdeeds is a witch hunt. Claim unproved mo
tivations: He must have been a "never trumper" theorized Trump about Lt. Colorado Alexander Vindman and he was an immigrant so he must have some blood allegiance to Ukraine, theorized Trump media. No evidence was presented of either. De Lt Colonel Alexander Vindman provided the most damning testimony to date since he provided the first witness to be a witness of the most critical events. An Irag infantry veteran with a purple heart, Col. Vindman, the National Security Council military member on active duty, was assigned to the White House because of his command of Ukrainian and Russian and experience as a military attache in Russia and Ukraine. He was supporting established and public national security policy to protect Ukraine's independence.

5. Deceive: Piously claim his intentions were honorable and he had the right to deny aid in battle corruption. The corruption to which he referred and what he witnesses heard was only about Biden and his family in connection with the company Burisma. However, Opening an investigation into a debunked conspiracy theory would give it undeserved credibility. The military aid at issue had no “clean up corruption first” strings attached.

6. Deny. Nothing serious enough to warrant impeachment or removal from office even if the facts confirm the actions. Precedence is important: If Trump avoids impeachment and is acquitted, future presidents of any party will be able to involve foreign countries in our elections for their benefit or use US aid to request or to force with bribery or extortion a foreign country to help his personal election advantage. Presidents will be able to ignore subpoenas and oversight actions by the legislative branch without fear of impeachment or a guilty finding at trial.

7. Delay. Trump is attempting to throw what he can into courts to delay until any action is too close to the caucuses or into next year. Charles Kupperman, Deputy National Security Adviser, for example, is asking the court to decide whether he should answer Congressional subpoenas or obey the command of the present not to testify. If the answer is unsatisfactory, then the case can always be appealed until after the impeachment vote.

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