Wednesday, December 16, 2020

The GOP Congress members sent on a fools errands

  As predicted by nearly all legal experts not associated with Murdoch controlled media, the Supreme Court summarily rejected the Texas attempt to force four other states to throw out Biden votes.. The 126 may have known this was a fools' errand in advance of their signing on. They were warned and if they did, double hex on them. This list of fools included two from Colorado, Ken Buck, and Doug Lamborn. The 18 GOP states attorneys generals had no excuse for ignorance of the law and Constitution but signed it anyway. They all may have been motivated by fear for their political futures in their gerrymandered safe districts or the deep red color of their states. Donald Trump had announced he would continue his whipping supporters in line with fear of being primaried and revenge in order to keep himself in the political game and to keep his core supporters loyal for the next four years when he intends to run again.  They may not have intended it, but the signatures they put on the support of the Texas suit was not just putting their pledge of allegiance to Trump on record. They have laid the groundwork for some other wannabe tyrant with more talent and cunning than Trump to go and do likewise more successfully. That tyrant may not be Trump, but it could come from the radical left as well as from the right.. Tyrants come from either wing.  In short, those signators of the Texas foolery will be expected to support more abuse of the system when Congress certifies the Electoral College vote on January 6. Like the sham of an attempted coup by court,  the 126 will also be expected to mount a Quixotic attempt to overturn the election and challenge the electoral college vote. This is another fools' errand. Their barrier is impossible to surmount because approval by both Houses of Congress is required and one of those Houses clearly has the majority of Democrats.

What those 125 Representatives have done approves a template for another challenge to democracy mounted by Trump or some other wannabe dictator.. What were they thinking?  The silliness that the Texas attempt, if the Court had approved it, would have set a precedence that would have permitted a state like Texas to attempt to sue Colorado on the same theory that all mail-in ballots were fraudulent. Colorado has had universal mail-in ballots since 2013. Thanks, Buck and Lamborn, for your lack of caring about some basic states' rights enshrined in the Constitution to control their own elections.

The far more serious implications of the de facto loyalty pledge to the rule of Trump the signers on to Texas suit were these 126  House fools and 18 AGs just showed how someday there was a path that some other wannabe destroyers of democracy and a demagogue from another extreme wing could exploit and abuse the rule of law, the Constitution, and overthrow the vote of the people. That wannabe tyrant representing a minority of voters could easily seize control of the majority through such similar abuse unless stopped by those upholding the rule of law and the Constitution are vigilant and determined in future years just as they were this year. 

December 20, 2020 update

One more fools errand bites the dust: Judge skewers GOP over suit targeting newly registered voters in Georgia (


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