Friday, July 29, 2022

Christian nationalist? Don't forget the white part

Rep.Marjorie Taylor Greene the other day proclaimed proudly she was a Christian nationalist  There are some implications to the term. which could be taken as racist dog whistles.  In any case, she tapped onto a deep and old sentiment held by many of her constituents that calling herself a Christian nationalist is a good thing. There are some advantages and horrors to being born in 1938, I keep seeing history, awful history, repeating itself in my lifetime.  White Christian nationalism in part fueled Hitler's rise to power, his hate-filled oratory.  and resulted in World War II. The current crop of adherents to this ideology ought to put the word "white" in front to describe their real characteristics. The form of this ideology espoused by their advocates has little to do with theology and more with culture   

 I do not get where these Christian nationalists are coming from. .I, a practicing Christian, read the gospels., too. Hating your neighbor and treating others with prejudice, not as you would like to be treated yourself, are the opposite of values Christ taught. White nationalists waive the cross to justify their belief that white Christians founded this nation so therefore they alone deserve to govern it., In neither the Declaration of Independence nor the preamble to the Constitution were white people or just Christians granted inherent rights to life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness by their Creator. To make that clear, in the First Amendment, of the Constitution the federal government is forbidden to establish a state religion.   

 The current group of those who promote this concept of Christian nationalism, white evangelicals, have added a new twist: to their ideology. fear of replacement by those who are not white or who do not subscribe to the current evangelical branch of Christianity or who hold some other belief or non-belief.   I hear echoes of the neo-Nazis marching in Charlottesville chanting "Jews will not replace us". Just insert the word "Jews" with "blacks,  browns, and Jews", and the similarity should be alarming, but it does not disturb those promoting, identifying,  or sympathizing with Christian nationalism.  They seem not to have made the connection.  

 Many, including FOX's Tucker Carlson, are fawning over the white Christian nationalist autocrat of Hungary, Viktor Orban,  as a role model of a conservative government they wish they had in America.  He will speak in Texas at a CPAC convention this coming week.  Orban governs a country in which only 3 percent are not ethnic Hungarians. There is a reason for the "ethnic purity" of the country. Hungary has a horrific history in the Holocaust. From the US State Department, "Hungary joined the Axis in November 1940.  The Hungarian government under Miklos Horthy obligated Jewish males to serve in labor battalions, which led to the deaths of at least 27,000 Jews in the early 1940s before the Nazis occupied the country in March 1944.  In the summer of 1941, Hungarian authorities deported some 20,000 Jews to Kamianets-Podilskyi in German-occupied Ukraine, where they were killed by Nazi Einsatzgruppen.  A few months after the German occupation of Hungary, Hungarian authorities and German security police began the systematic deportation of Hungarian Jews.  More than 440,000 were deported, with the majority sent to Auschwitz-Birkenau.  By the end of the war, of the approximately 825,000 Hungarian Jews identified in a 1941 census, only 255,000 survived.  Approximately 100,000 Jews currently reside in Hungary, primarily in Budapest, of whom an estimated 4,500 are Holocaust survivors." then Hungary has gone through the process of rehabilitation and acknowledgment of this history, but nonetheless, three-quarters of the 800 thousand plus Hungarian Jews were victims of the Holocaust and the Nazis that governed it beginning in 1940,  (A personal note: an aunt of my late husband was from that Budapest Jewish community. She married the gentile from Bosnia in the 1930s and survived the Nazi invasion and occupation of what was then Yugoslavia thanks to the efforts of the Bosnian family. I had the pleasure of meeting her in 1959  during my first visit to that country.),

From  my May 23, 2022 post:  Viktor Orban's Hungary: CPAC's fantasy land  

From my posting in May, 2022:

Such wide acceptance of replacement theory is becoming a threat to democracy itself.  This embrace of Viktor Orban of similar racist policies of anti-immigration and Hungarian ethnic domination also brings with it association with autocracy as a preferred method of governance instead of democracy. FOX's Tucker Carlson's enthusiasm for the autocratic ruler of Hungary inspired the US conservative pac,  CPAC to hold a conference in Hungary and plans more.  Hungary's Orban opens CPAC by telling conservatives "we need to coordinate the movement" of allies - CBS News    Tread lightly, CPAC.  You, too, will find yourself with not only the racist, anti-semitic white nationalism that is Orban's but saddled with his method of governing, which means no press freedom ( or press only permitted that is approved by Orban) and what we would consider in the US, a corrupt alliance between big business and government with rewards going to friends of Orban. An independent judiciary no longer exists.  Hungary is not like the US. Orban could be as racist and nationalist as he liked since 97% of the country is Magyar (Hungarian) and speaks Hungarian.  There are no large groups of minorities. That is not the US now and in the future. Takeover by someone like Orban appealing to white nationalists has not been. would not be, and will not be a peaceful process.  For US white nationalists, Hungary is a fantasyland.  The late Madeleine Albright, our beloved former secretary of state, tagged Orban as a fascist in her best-selling book, Fascism: A Warning "in 2018  mostly because of his racism and his opposition to "liberal democracy".  ( Fascism: a warning)

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