Friday, August 5, 2022

CPAC Cheers a white nationalist dictator: is that what the GOP base has become?


Is this what the GOP  base has become? It looks like it if the Conservative Political Action Committee attendees in Texas are typical of the extremists who have taken over the GOP.

Viktor Orban of Hungary spoke to CPAC to cheer for opposing mixing of races, anti-same-sex marriage, anti-immigrants, and the kind of democracy as we in America have known it for 250 years. He rose to power on racism, anti-immigrant and touting pure Magyar (Hungarian ethnic) Christianity,  and anti-semitic.  took over all media and the reigns of power in Hungary.   He has virtually assured his presidency for life by changing the country's constitution. He is a full-throated dictator, politely referred to as an autocrat. This is the member-approved preferred vision of CPAC now.  It is not conservatism; it is revisionistm, a throwback, to the 1930s.   He is isolated in Europe so he is looking for allies in the US to justify his takeover of a country that is already 97% ethnic pure. One of his chief advisors just resigned, calling a recent racial purity speech as Nazi.  This recent blog posting brings the issue of white Christian nationalism to current US politics

 From my posting in May 2022:

Such wide acceptance of replacement theory is becoming a threat to democracy itself.  This embrace of Viktor Orban of similar racist policies of anti-immigration and Hungarian ethnic domination also brings with it association with autocracy as a preferred method of governance instead of democracy. FOX's Tucker Carlson's enthusiasm for the autocratic ruler of Hungary inspired the US conservative pac,  CPAC to hold a conference in Hungary and plans more.  Hungary's Orban opens CPAC by telling conservatives "we need to coordinate the movement" of allies - CBS News    Tread lightly, CPAC.  You, too, will find yourself with not only the racist, anti-semitic white nationalism that is Orban's but saddled with his method of governing, which means no press freedom ( or press only permitted that is approved by Orban) and what we would consider in the US, a corrupt alliance between big business and government with rewards going to friends of Orban. An independent judiciary no longer exists.  Hungary is not like the US. Orban could be as racist and nationalist as he liked since 97% of the country is Magyar (Hungarian) and speaks Hungarian.  There are no large groups of minorities. That is not the US now and in the future. Takeover by someone like Orban appealing to white nationalists has not been. would not be, and will not be a peaceful process.  For US white nationalists, Hungary is a fantasyland.  The late Madeleine Albright, our beloved former secretary of state, tagged Orban as a fascist in her best-selling book, Fascism: A Warning "in 2018  mostly because of his racism and his opposition to "liberal democracy".  ( Fascism: a warning)

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