Saturday, August 6, 2022

The musings of two 84 year old women in the wake of recent events

In response to my prior posting about the August CPAC convention,  a college classmate of mine expressed dismay about America's future and, as fellow 84-year-olds, we will be "checking out" at the right time. She wished the best of luck to my grandchildren and her nieces and nephews in the future. 

Here is my reply (edited and cleaned up a bit).

The vote in Kansas this week  (upholding choice) gave me hope that after we check out,   women's lives will be ok and democracy will survive. The younger generations will dominate in the not- that-distant future.  It is called demographics. In the meantime, it will be all chaos, pain, and conflict as these changes and shifts take place. and as the white old boy order tries to cling to their power as long as they can. That is the era we are in now.

I wonder, though, if I were able to visit the earth twenty years from now, will US  citizens be giving the equivalent of the old Nazi salute to some dear leader, and will women will live the same kind of lives as subservient to men we had in our college days in the 1950s? I remember in those days opinions of women were dismissed then as not credible by the ruling white male majority and were not seen as competent as men.  It is conceivable.  Who would have thought within a short four years that fascism, racism, bigotry, and misogyny would dominate a major, though a minority, political party? Chin up and know we did our part to give women a better, fairer chance to live the kind of lives of their choosing.  We have also passed our legacy of the values of democracy on to our grandchildren and nieces and nephews. I believe most of them share these values.   Felicia

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