Friday, February 18, 2011

Wisconsin may help Obama in 2012

One of Pres. Obama's weakest links in 2008 was the lack of enthusiasm among the  rank and file of union members  in the crucial , battleground rustbelt states of  Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Indiana, where unions are still powerful.  The governor of Wisconsin's combining debt reduction with union busting may have just given union members extra motivation to turn out in force with enthusiasm to elect Democrats in 2012, helping the president win those crucial states.  While it has never been a secret that Republicans are not union friends, and that sometimes other issues such as ethnic/racial background , 2nd amendment rights,or national security take priority over union interests , in the minds of ordinary blue collar workers, the right of unions to bargain collectively is also sacred.  It was that right the Wisconsin governor threatened and it will serve as a strong reminder to union members elsewhere to turn out in force on behalf of Democrats in 2012.  Organizing for America, the Obama campaign organization must have seen this as an opportunity too when they rallied their forces to join the demonstrators in Wisconsin.
Republicans will be wondering for some time to come whether it was absolutely necessary to join the two issues of wage and benefit cuts and union busting together or if there was another way to negotiate and get through the Wisconsin state legislature cuts in state spending.

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