Wednesday, August 17, 2016

What Donald Trump's speech August 16 on law and order lacked

Listening to Donald Trump's speech to a rally in West Bend, Wisconsin, August 16,  to a nearly all White audience, what was most important was what was not said.  The theme was law and order, but left out was any acknowledgement that policing  has been more heavy handed with African Americans than with Whites.  Statistics and many studies also back up the perception held by organizations like Black Lives Matter as has a constant roll out of videos of questionable police action in shooting unarmed Blacks or Blacks that with closer scrutiny did not present a threat to a police officer.

 Trump tried to balance that deficit with talking about how much law and order is beneficial to the Black community. Except for acknowledging that the minority communities have been left behind economically and in services,  this was  no pivot from Trump's past positions  nor has there ever been a credible repudiation of support of his campaign from Whtie Supremicists.    This was un-pivot should do little to increase his support from the minority community and others who understand that the approach needs to be both, better police attittitudes, practices, in the community and standards enforced by local and federal authorities as well as  less tolerance of crime.

The implications of   his "law and order" slogan is that it sounds more like a heavy handed crackdown on protests in  those communities.  That Trump's per recent  shows in recent polls he has the support of 1% of the Black community, it is doubtful this speech increased the percentage enough to be significant.

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