Sunday, May 14, 2017

Donald Trump is his own worst enemy in search of voter fraud

Donald Trump is often his own worst enemy. He still has  not gotten over that he did not win the popular vote, so therefore he is insecure that people quetion if  his election was legitimate. He is constantly shooting himself in the foot  by often  bringing up the issue as he tries to justify that the 3 million vote gap was due to "voter fraud" committed by  three million illegial immigrants.

What is truly self defeating is that his opponents, including Hillary Clinton, did not nor does not question whether he was elected legitimately and never challenged it.  There was no effort by anyone to try to unseat him becaue of that.  Instead of letting that issue  lie, he is constantly trying to make the point that he won the popular vote, too. It is just because 3 million illegal immigrants voted for Clinton, he claims. . In doing that, he is constantly reminding  the public he lost the popular vote. That in itself is not a good public relations strategy, but it will be an even worse disaster when a "commission" charged with finding those three million pesky immigrants come up with a nothing burger.

In order to seek verification of his suppositions, he has set up a  commission.charged with proving false facts are actually ture.   He is stacking the deck, appointing vice chair  Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach,  the loudest voice in the US asseting  massive voter fraud and advocating ultra strict  voter ID laws. This will not be a true impartial fact finding commissio.  It will be a hunt to find  phantom 3 million illegals who should not have voted that  caused Trump to lose the popular vote.

These claims have already been debunked by such independent bodies as PEW research, and the Brennan Center for Justice, as well as other GOP secretaries of state. Kobach and group will be undertaking a wild goose chase and the results can only be embarrassing. It could also show that Trump indeed lost the popular vote, no matter what he keeps claiming..

If the commission seeks to justify voter suppression laws, they could  be baying at the moon.  Lower courts  have struck down  states'  voter suppression measures  and voter ID laws recently passed in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio, and South Dakota.  Do these strict ID laws suppress minority votes? Studies show they do, with voter participation less than in  states without such restrictive laws. White voter rates were not affected.

 The Supreme Court  May 15 2017 announced it refused to hear the North Carolina law, billed as the worst racially motivated voter law in the US,. The ruling let a lower court finding stand, but the rulling was based not on its merits, but on a messy appeals process. With a GOP dominated Supreme Court, expect the merits of such kinds of legislation to be decided later. The lower court had found the North Carolina  law was specifically designed to hobble Black voters. Some of the provisions aimed to suppress Black votes were ending Sunday early voting, requiring ID's most  Blacks did not have, and reducing early voting hours and places. Those crafting the law had conducted a study of Black voting habits, and then aimed  specific legislation to make it harder for that group to vote.

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