Monday, May 1, 2017

The GOP/Trumpcare health insurance plan in one paragraph

The GOP plan to reduce the cost of health insurance premiums: remove the benefits, except put those people with pre-exisiting conditions into a separate pool and charge them more. Leave  millions without ability to afford any health insurance or nursing home care , especially the 15 million in 31 states  now who get their insurance through Medicaid expansion (which is going away whether your state wants it to or not) . Charge older people more. Everyone else, depending on your state, can go out and pay out of their own pockets for the total bill for benefits Obama once gave them of mental health/drug treatment, cancer screenings, annual physicals, maternity care, birth control, presecription drugs including chemo treatments and the blue pill.. etc. All of these benefits will be optional and at the mercy of your state legislature. That way your premiums will be cheaper.
The greatest advantage will be that the terrible burden on the 2% richest of $300 billion taxes over ten years and another $300 billion in taxes on some medical suppliers will be lifted.

See the blog posting earlier for more  sources.

Think approval of GOP plans to replace Obamacare is at 17%? Watch it sink lower.S

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