Friday, January 10, 2020

A lifetime of government lies about military conflicts

I have had a lifetime of disappointments with the integrity of our government. We were told we had to combat the domino effect in Viet Nam and we were told we were winning while our government was knowing we were not. The search for WMD Iraq and the lies bout it were so convincing they fooled even honorable Colin Powell who embarrassed himself at the UN. Now we are supposed to believe there was an imminent threat of the bombing of the embassy (embassies) that even though in the briefing those briefed did not hear evidence. We have heard other vague assertions, in a constantly changing story. In both Viet Nam and Iraq, we were not accused of an assassination that could have been considered a war crime. It will be considered a war crime unless the imminent danger was indeed proved, too. We are supposed to believe Trump, (whose lying is epic), and the enabler Pompeo?
So how are we safer? The sanctions levied by Trump backfired, resulting in increased Iranian attacks on shipping, a bolstering of Iran's proxy war beginning immediately when we pulled out of the nuclear deal, and now the reviving of Iran's nuclear program. If the sanctions did not work before, why would you think they will work again instead of just further unifying Iran's support of the existing regime as it did this time. The definition of insanity: doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome. The result is that we have been requested to leave Iraq, leaving it as a client state of Iran and seriously damaging our main purpose for being there to stop the resurgence of ISIS., We have suspended anti-ISIS military campaign to defend our forces there instead and the sending of more troops to the region. The proxy warriors are still operable because Iran has a deep bench.. Above all, we have ignited another forever hotter war. Trump's remedy: call in NATO, after trashing it and US support for three years and impose more economic sanctions. Iran's response to the assassination was a shot across our bow and if Trump did not take it seriously, we can expect Iran will make sure we do take their next shot more seriously in the future.

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