Friday, January 3, 2020

An assassination:and Trump's miscalculation: guaranteeing continued forever war

Donald Trump has had two political assets going for him: 1. a booming economy and 2.He kept us out a major war by, disengaging the US from the rest of the world. Peace and prosperity: what better a platform could a president wish to run on for re-election. Number 2 just went down in flames in the Baghdad airport yesterday. As much as a formidable enemy  Iranian General Soleimani was, he also had a very unified nation of 81 million behind him. This decapitation/ assassination is different than taking down al Baghdadi or bin Laden,  stateless terrorist leaders, because of this. The revenge against Iran killing a US contractor and a variety of anti-US actions was an assassination of the virtual head of Iran's Joint Chief of Staff, not an equal response. It is a very dangerous one since it will not end Iran's bad acting, but only provoke it to do more of the same or result in an all-out war. Iran's capability is not dependent on one matter how effective he was. Their bench is very deep. Trump has risked a hotter war in an already seething hotbed of the middle east, the opposite of his isolationist policy and reversing his disengagement and withdrawal from forever wars. We will now have to become even more engaged., if not in a hot war, increased warfare with cyber and special operations as Iran's weapons.   Nothing like a hot war to get the US behind their great leader Donald Trump in an election year. is there. I expect his devoted rally followers to chant USA, USA.  Trump laid the groundwork for this by trashing the Iran nuclear deal two years ago and imposing crippling economic sanctions on them with a failed attempt to force Iran to renegotiate the treaty.  In a recent rally, Trump asserted the reason for the assassination was the imminent threat that Soleimani's forces were about to attack US, as many as four, embassies. His own military, secretary of Defense, says he saw no evidence of that. strategy has backfired and has resulted in an escalation,  just the opposite of his announced intentions. After this, forget negotiations of anything.

Unlike the Gulf War or an economic sanctions policy, or a multinational anti-nuclear treaty or NATO involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq on our behalf, we are on our own. Isolationism has a high price..

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